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Power Of Love And Affection: Dog Glowups After Getting Adopted (45 Pics)

Nothings more painful than watching an abandoned wounded animal, especially dogs, roaming on the streets. Dogs are one of the most loveable creatures that exist on earth! They deserve so much love and care for being so amazing. Excitement and wider smiles are what suit these pooches, not sadness. Dogs are selfless, they’ll do anything to soothe you and bring you happiness. They are man’s best friends! But when some ruthless people abandon their doggos or if these fuzzy tails somehow get lost, their faith in life starts to fade. The shine in their eyes starts to get dull.


But then there are angels disguised among humans who rescue these poor creatures and revive their faith in humanity as well as life. You might have heard ‘time heals all the wounds’ that’s exactly what happens. The affection, care, warmth, and attention heals everything even the deepest of the cuts.

Here are some instances when humans proved to be angels and took a step out to rescue some beautiful dogs who had the right to LIVE and celebrate life, not to die in misery. These are the before and afters of different rescue as well as adoption missions taken up by some of the kindest hearts!

P.s Keep your tissues along, this sure is going to make you teary and happy.

1. He stands tall like a king now!


self-esteem level 101

2. Free of the chains of sadness


All there’s left to do now is, to smile!

3. He had lost his hope, but now looks forward to the life now


Those twinkling eyes and that toothy smile

4. He’s gaining his strength back


5. That is one strong boy!


Hulk is finally stepping out there and exploring new things

6. This poochie is so happy to be home

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Being home is being healthy, she’s telling that out loud

7. He grew out to be such a gentle pup


8. A year apart, only healthier and happier


All they need is warmth and love

9. “Frank the Tank”

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1st pic: When you’re at school

2nd pic: When you’re home

10. From streets to home

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Summers call for a pool party, his first pool part after being home

11. Meet Sammy


He sure loves his new collar

12. What an adorable brindle


Home is where the heart is and his heart is very happy now

13. Those eyes have a lot of stories to tell

Advertisement by UDM

14. Replacing those tears with a smile, the journey was tough

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Oh dear, here lands the dog flight

15. Just a few days after adoption

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So beautiful!

16. After gaining all his health back, it wouldn’t have been possible if he wouldn’t have found a FAMILY

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That glare is for the people who abandoned him.

17. This one likes taking pictures with flowers, after being home

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From being extremely stressed to being extremely happy, he’s growing up just fine

18. The smile says it all

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And look at that big tongue.

19. Him then, Him now

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What a little bit of care can achieve!

20. Free and fluttering

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We like wearing new bow ties every day, but this one’s her favorite

21. Living his best life now

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Beach days!!

22. “From depressed to happy”

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The way she’s holding her owner’s hand is so wholesome!

23. I hope this smile stays forever

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Rosie has been through a lot, but she’s holding up just right

24. I can’t even!!!! What a wholesome smile that is


When you’re genuinely happy

Do you see the sparkle in their eyes after being loved only for few days? That’s what compassion does to you, It revitalizes your energies and gives you hope. The difference of health before and after clearly states how happy and comforted these dogs are. We are so thankful for being the saviors of these adorable pooches! Keep scrolling to see some of the brightest smiles and glistening eyes coming your way!

25. Free as a bird

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26. How healthful has he become!

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That look of love, though

27. He’s such a poser

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CHEESE for the picture

28. I hope the Mama rests in peace!!

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He’s safe, again

29. He had lost a lot but now he’s in safe hands

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30. Little pupper

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31. Shining bright

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Hey human, where we goin’?

32. Seems like he hasn’t slept this peacefully in a long time

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What a gorgeous cocoa bean

33. Can’t believe my eyes

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Fetch for life!

34. I am so glad he got rescued, too innocent to be abandoned

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35. “He sleeps like a King”

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36. Oh God, thank you for keeping him alive

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What a beauty!

37. Snowball, is that you?

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Miss perfect paws

38. It’s good to be around friends

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39. Zoomies in the backyard explain his level of excitement


Can’t stop zoomin’ won’t stop zoomin’

40. What a cutie


41. Look who’s so happy to be finally free

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You deserve to be free and happy, furever

42. Yes, it’s the same dog!

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Love and time heal all…

43. “Those curls, just perfect!”

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Hair goals!

44. A day apart after being rescued

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The dog version of a raccoon

45. He clearly wants to say thank you for receiving so much love as well as care

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That twinkle in his eyes!

46. Happy and healthy!

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We’re making progress!

It is a journey of ups and downs, smiles and tears but that’s how life works. We are so thankful for these doggos being rescued and cared for. We hope they forget all the darker moments and keep shining bright in the days to come! Have you ever rescued a pooch or have you come across someone who has been kind enough to do that? Do share with us in the comments section below, let’s gather a bit of appreciation for such angelic human beings!


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