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Rescue Dog Keeps Paw On New Owner At All Times To Make Sure He Won’t Be Left Again

Being a rescue dog and going through all the trauma can be really hard to move on from. People, as well as other factors, can be really harsh on these voiceless beings. Sure, they can defend themselves sometimes but, more often than not, these poor animals are the ones left behind without anyone to look after them. It’s heartbreaking to see any animal roaming all by themself let alone in a bad condition, yeah that’s what hurts the most. And they can’t even let anyone know or ask for help! We can mostly just observe them sitting in silence and suffering.


Luckily though, there are people who are a literal godsend for them! These are the people who go out of their way to help out any and all the animals who are left abandoned, injured, abused, and whatnot. Yes, it’s almost impossible to save them all but it never hurts to try. And if we all play our part in society, we could make this place wonderful for us and for them, too. Because trust me when I say this, having an animal by your side makes your life 10000 percent better. Wait, nope. Even more than that! And we have proof of that.

Here we have a story that is not only amazing but might also make you cry. Scroll down and check out the story of a wonderful human and his best companion!

He found love with the touch of his paws

Meet Stanley, who alongside his mother and siblings were found on an abandoned property in very questionable conditions. At the time, he was only six months old.

Your hand is mine, it is here to stay.


Now meet Sam Clarence, someone with a heart of gold. Sam adopted Stanley from a bully breed rescue located in Christchurch, New Zealand. He could not help but feel for this poor little guy and never wanted him to feel pain again. Was not kidding about the heart of gold!

No! Don’t take it away!


Sam is also a dog-walker who was luckily given the opportunity to foster Stanley. And for Stanley, Sam was the missing puzzle piece needed to make his life better and brighter. They showered each other with unconditional love, and Stanley was given all the care he needed from Sam. It was not long before Sam realized this is not just any foster puppy! But actually his loyal companion AND a best friend. For Sam, Stanley was the most important thing ever. And for Stanley? Well, Sam is his whole world.

Give it back to me!


But it all did not happen overnight or in seconds. It took some time for Stanley to come around. It wasn’t exactly easy as he had already been through a lot and trusting someone new wasn’t an easy task. It was so hard for Stanley that he did not even want to get out of the car the first time Sam got him. It took him almost an hour just to realize that getting out of the car won’t be harmful to him.

How about I give you something better, Stanley!


However, our wonderful Sam had all the patience in the world and did everything he could to make Stanley trust him. All he wanted was to give him love, care, attention, comfort, and warmth. Which he did! And it worked. He broke through Stanley’s walls and finally earned his trust.

Now, I’m a happy boy!


I think it can be said that for Stanley, touching or putting his paws near or on Sam, gives him a sense of security and reassures him that Sam will always be there, and all his troubles are behind him. He is safe and loved. And he is not alone anymore. Sam made sure that Stanley was living in a comfortable environment where he was provided with everything necessary for him so that the new life he was bestowed on was welcomed with open arms.

Your comfort is all I need.


Stanley and Sam’s love is like no other. Wherever Sam goes, Stanley follows. Their connection is unbreakable because Sam understands Stanleys needs and cares for him, which helped him get over his trauma. He knows that Sam will not abandon him, hence, their relationship grows stronger by the minute. Their bond is unbeatable and their love for each other is commendable.

We’re roomies!


Stanley has become a lot more confident and started trusting other people and dogs. He let in others all because of Clarence’s efforts on making him more comfortable and accepting. For this, Stanley is not only thankful to his dad but loves him a lot for providing him with a chance to live his life normally, under Sam’s great fondness and warmth, Stanley was ready to make the big leap into the world. His transformation from a scared and apprehensive dog to a confident and affectionate pup who had all the love to give and take.

However, it was only possible because of Sam’s efforts, and to this day, Stanley remains his loyal companion. Even when they are on trips, Stanley never leaves Sam’s side and vice versa. Whether it is the paw resting on Sam’s arms or him napping close to him so he can feel his presence, they are like ‘two peas in a pod’.

Check out Stanley and Sam’s video;

Their story just reminds us that humanity still exists. Yes, there are bad people who don’t mind hurting animals but there are also good ones who go above and beyond for a purpose. Whether it is to save a dog, cat, horse, or any other animal, or just helping out humans. It is always important to be nice, and kind because well, maybe it’ll come back to you. Just like it did for Sam and Stanley. They found a home in each other!

I hope you loved Stanley’s miracle rescue story as much as I did! Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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