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24 Dogs Hugging Their Humans And Offering Endless Love

26th August marks International Dog Day! It is the day all the dog-lovers universally celebrate the beautiful existence of the lovely creatures that we call dogs. We take this day to encourage everyone to adopt dogs instead of purchasing them. There are so many dogs that need rescuing. They are home-less and lacking necessities. So many dog-lovers and dog-owners take this day to appreciate their love for dogs. They give them a warm hug, spend a little more time in the day with them, shower them with special dog treats or surprise them with gifts! A lot of people go overboard and give their dogs a special spa day.


We all deserve to please our eyes with these beautiful creatures. We want everyone to be happy on this special occasion, so we have gathered 24 pictures of really adorable dogs getting hugged by their favorite humans! Dogs embrace their humans in the warmest hugs, even looking at the picture fills you with fuzzy feelings.

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1. I could sleep here on your shoulder, favorite human!

Via Kyle Mackillop

These two appear to be in the middle of a very comforting hug!

2. The goodbye hug!

Via imgur

This is the hug you give to someone when they are leaving and you do not want to say goodbye! The big guy also closed his eyes during the hug. He cannot fathom being away from his favorite human.

3. Morning hug!

Via unknown

This big guy cannot go a morning without engulfing his human into a warm hug. It is like a pat on the shoulder that the day will go well.

4. Snowball!

Via Steve Garner

Playtime is not playtime without a furry creature! Every kid deserves to have a furry friend to hug and giggle with. Childhood is incomplete without puppies.

5. You will be alright, human!

Via imgur

This human is getting a motherly hug from her huge dog on a bad day. The big guy is comforting his human and letting her know that the bad time will surely pass. She is in presence of the perfect company and it helps to get by.

6. Besties!

Via Caters News

This little girl found her best friend in the world! I cannot get over how adorable this hug is. They both look like they know they have found a special bond in this harsh world and they are going to cherish it forever. They will strengthen their bond with tight hugs every day!

7. A passionate kiss on the nose!

Via Ronin Otter

The dog looks full of joy and happiness because he got kissed on the nose by his beloved human! Every minute without his human is a dull moment, so every minute they spend together is full of love and joy.

8. I love hugs from dad!

Via Gavril Galev

This is reminding me of all the times I used to run to my dad for a hug when I was a kid! The dog looks like a little child who ran into his dad and dad embraced him in a fatherly hug.

9. This shoulder is my comfort zone!

Via Nseika

The poor dog had a long and hard day. All he needed at the end of the day was for his human to hold him in a long and comforting hug.

10. The “I missed you” hug

Via aniel Mihailescu

This is the hug you give to someone you have not seen in a long time and we’re impatiently waiting to embrace them in a tight hug. This is the hug that sticks for a good ten minutes before you too let go and catch up on everything that has been going on in your lives. That dog has a lot to tell to his favorite human!

11. As long as I have you, everything will be okay!

Via  Christian Müller

The dog and the girl are best buddies! They never let go of each other’s side and are there to remind each other that everything will be okay.

12. He could not be any bigger!

Via Tatyana

I do not care how much I weigh or how much pressure my weight puts on someone, I would still hug my human the way I did when I was a little puppy.

13. I could almost sleep in this human’s arms!

Via Sherry

The dog looks so comfortable in the arms of this human, it looks he fell asleep from the ease.

14. I feel safest with my human!

Via  Cao Terapia | Donie Terry

These hugs show the feelings of security that dogs feel in the arms of their humans! There is no better feeling than being embraced by humans.

15. Are we sure that is a dog?

Via unknown

Wow, I did not know that dogs could be this huge! I cannot tell if that is his natural hair or it has been braided.

16. Happy posers!

Via unknown

These two happily posed for the picture. They were the most loving couple in that place!

17. Save me from this stranger, mom!

Via Mariana Alves

This is how kids react when a stranger starts terrorizing them. They rush to their mothers to save them from the monstrosity!

18. Hug me tightly!

Via Sabrina Paige

This dog could stay in this hug forever!

19. Let me sit in your arms like this, human!

Via Ricardo Bonilla

The dog is sitting on the human’s arms as if he is sitting on a sofa!

20. You can walk without your eyes, human, but don’t drop me!

Via unknown

How did the human even walk with this huge dog covering his eyes?

21. Our favorite place on the earth is our human’s shoulder!

Via Lubos Zakovic | Katherine Sutherland

22. Let me have my private moment with my mother!

Via reddit

Let him have his hug with his mom in private! They are sharing an emotional moment.

23. Save me from the water!

Via Ashleigh Potter

This dog does not like water but would go anywhere with her mom because he loves to spend time with her.

24. Baby steps!

Via blackrose

After his first hug with the human, he knew he was in the right place!

These pictures are the best thing that could ever happen to any of us! If we are this happy by just looking at the pictures, imagine how these humans must feel to have such cuddly pets. These dogs look like the best buddies humans could ever have. They envelop you in an embrace that fills you with the warmth that no other thing can ever provide you with. Once you get these hugs, they become your favorite thing on this earth!

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