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30 Dog Thoughts That Your Dog Ponders When He’s Staring At The Wall

Have you ever wondered what kind of thoughts does your dog ponders?

We all have a fully constructed perception in our heads of what our dog’s life is like. We think our dog’s life revolves around us and food. They wait for us to wake up and feed them. They watch us leave for school or office. During the time we are gone, they just roam around the house and fiddle around to pass their time, while they wait for us to come back. They eat the food we kept for them. They start jumping on us in excitement because our arrival is all that they have been waiting for. Spending time with us is the focus of their day. Then they wait for us to feed them again and that’s all that we think our dogs do, right? But have you wondered what our dogs think when they are not spending time with us? I mean, they are living creatures, they must have some silly thoughts of their own too?


Thanks to one of the most interesting Twitter accounts which is famous by the name of Thoughts of Dogs. These guys have helped us in predicting the thoughts of our dogs and what do they think of while they are sitting and chilling all by themselves or while they are staring at a wall. So, we have gathered and narrowed down some of the most hilarious thoughts that our adorable little puppers might have. Are you ready for it? Let’s start!

Via – Thoughts of Dogs

1. Break is necessary!

Oh, so this is what is going inside their heads when they randomly stop in the middle of the road. We have to stand there for a while before they get in the mood to walk again.

2. I am a busy person!


How humiliating! How dare the human thought the dog was available at the last minute? The dog has busy plans. He has to sit all day at home pretending he has a life. He is not your last option!

3. Give me my forehead kiss!


This dog got FDA approval to flaunt for forehead kisses. That is how much dogs like forehead kisses!

4. A thoughtful dog!


Dogs are supportive as hell, we already knew that. And this just confirmed that they care. They make true friends!

5. Glittery fellow!


They are our little magic fairies!

6. Anyone can be happy!


Dogs just want us to be happy. If we can’t do it ourselves, they will be there to cheer us up!

7. Dogs are scared of Halloween!


This is why our dogs are scared of Halloween, everyone. Suddenly weird objects and fruits appear with faces on them. People come in costumes that our dogs are not familiar with and that scares them. Give them some extra hugs on Halloween, guys! They need it.

8. Let’s fool the human!


Aha! Caught it. There are no ghosts. Dogs just do it to scare us and freak us out because they are bored.

9. Thoughtless actions!


Sometimes dogs themselves do not know why they suddenly start running at the speed of light.

10. Humans do not need us anymore!


I guess dogs constantly think if they are still important in our lives. How can we convince them that they are the most precious things to us?

11. Confession!

Guys, we finally got the confession! They are obsessed with cuddles.

12. Movie night is for cuddles and sleep


What is the point of movie night if you do not fall asleep in the middle of it?

13. Careless Human!

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Sometimes humans really do not acknowledge all the effort dogs put into something.

14. Taxes virgin.


That is what humans are for, dogs! They will do it for you.

15. Mysterio dog

Little do they know that their human will send a search party in the town and search every corner till you are found.

16. Boring week is better than an eventful one!


We all already knew that dogs can sense our emotions. It is even sweet that seeing us stress stresses them out. They would rather have a boring week than an eventful one to make sure we are not stressed.

17. Empty mind!

Sometimes it is nice to not have any thoughts.

18. Let the dog savour every moment of their walk!


It is rude to rush dogs during walks. They should be given time to sniff through all the things that come their way! What is the point of going out if they cannot fully experience everything that comes their way?

19. Humans are stupid!

We finally got proof, everyone! They really do make us fools on purpose. I cannot believe we fall for it every time.

20. Telepathy.


I hope in future some technology is developed through which we can read our beloved dogs’ minds!

21. Petition to give dogs lunches!

A very valid question! It is rude to have lunch and not offer it to your dog. Lunch does not allow gatekeeping!

22. Submit yourself to the dog


A day without a forehead kiss is a day incomplete!

23. Skittle under surveillance!

Poor skittle has to suffer because humans are busy at work. This is how our dogs keep themselves busy when we are not home. They cannot afford to miss us every second!

24. Honesty at its best!

Honesty has gone a little too overboard this time but it is okay. Dogs are allowed to be demanding!

25. Things you do when you are bored

If dogs are feeling chaotic, they will make sure they turn that day into one as well!

26. Nothing better than standing in the doorway!


If only humans could think a little more and understand what suits better for their dogs.

27. Tipsy dog!


Which song is that, again?

28. Blueberry found a companion!

The next thing we know, our dog’s tongue is fully black-blue in colour.

29. Things to do:


It is important to make a list of things on the agenda so dogs do not miss out on anything. Delaying can get messy!

30. Get back to the Dog with details!

All these thoughts sound just like our dogs! These thoughts sound exactly like something our dogs would think. It would have been so fun if our dogs could communicate with us. But given how chaotic they can get when they are not speaking, we can only imagine how much more chaos they will spread once they start talking. They will demand us to cuddle them all the time and we would not be able to pretend that we did not notice the innocent face they make, pleading to get more food. It is probably a good thing that they cannot speak.

Can you guess what goes inside the head of your dog? Let us know in the comments!


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