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14 Very Good Dogs Posing In Masks To Show Humans How It’s Done

The year 2020, has been really unpleasant for everyone around the world due to the pandemic. People have been stressed, lost their jobs and most importantly, got trapped into their houses. However, later when things started getting better, rules of wearing masks were imposed into every country as well as the social distancing. But there were many people who were worried about fashion dying because of it. I mean, who would want to notice you if your face is all covered up, right?

As you must have figured what this article is about from the title, let’s get down to it. Dogs are incredibly amazing creatures. Name ONE thing, just ONE thing that you dislike about dogs? And we bet you won’t be able to find any because dogs are certainly the best (no offence to cat lovers). We get to learn so much from them. They are kind, protective, considerate, extremely loving and not to forget, the most loyal. But what if we told you that now is the time that we could even learn some fashion tips from them too, maybe?

Not sure how is that gonna go? Hold onto that thought till you reach the end of this article because we would like to hear that. Anyway, we have collected a few pictures of adorable and handsome dogs posing for the pictures with the masks! Although they don’t need to wear one and these pictures are solely taken for fun purposes only but one can learn a lot from them as there are many people who are still not following the rules! Let’s go and check out the pictures now, shall we? Scroll down.

1. That is such a fancy mask!

via @ike_of_seattle

And we can probably tell that she’s smiling too!

2. That mask fits perfectly!

via @bulldog_rocco

And that’s how you wear the mask, people. Take notes.

3. Someone’s having a nice sunny day!

via @321flyingdogtraining

While obeying the rules too.

4. What’s here to learn from this doggo? Protect yourself from anything, even if it’s a bandana!

via @sir_ottsalot

You are obeying the rules, at least!

5. That is such a cool mask, isn’t it?

via @shabby2beautiful


6. This doggo decided to wear the standard mask while still looking handsome.

via @duchess_pipparose

But, you need to cover your nose, little boy.

7. Damn, you high doggo?

via @lifewithpuk

Love the little paws on the mask though.

8. That has got to be the cutest yoda mask, ever!

via @two_sheebs_in_a_pod

This pupper looks adorable in it!

9. See? That’s the way how you should be wearing a mask!

via @rosieandralphie

Just don’t cover the eyes, okay?

10. Oh my god, this is SO CUTE!

via @glorydogdesigns

Even the dog looks like a latte!

11. Coolest doggo of the year 2020 award goes to this one!

via @citydogaustin

I love that funky look!

12. He doesn’t really seem happy with that mask on but…

via @riley_the_rescue_pup_

He’s obeying the rules.

13. Not sure if that’s a mask or a handkerchief…

via @bowtie_louis

Eitherway, it looks cool!

Well, do you remember how we asked you to hold your thoughts while starting off this article? First thing’s first, we can bet that you fancied all these looks being pulled off by these handsome and cute doggos. However, we would still like to hear it from you! Would you get one of these masks for your doggos? If so, we know a perfect place from where you can buy these types of masks, badanas for your doggo or even for yourself! DogDana Co is the place, you need to visit!

Let us know what did you think about these pictures in the comments section below!


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