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Person Sparks Up A Debate Over Whether Or Not Dogs Should Always Be Put On A Leash

Whether you would like to admit it or not, dogs can go out of control sometimes.

No matter how well you know your pup, they can act unexpectedly sometimes. This can prove to be troublesome for others and also for you and your dog. Better safe than sorry, right? However, some people argue that they know their dogs aren’t aggressive and should be allowed to roam freely. We do believe that your dog is not aggressive but dogs can easily get triggered by a human or another dog. And putting them on a leash is the best solution. No one would get hurt. There would be no trouble. Your dog will get to walk around as well but under your supervision. Just like children, dogs need to be supervised as well. They should not be left alone to do whatever they please. Someone has to take responsibility.

This Reddit user shared an unpopular opinion that dogs should be put on a leash regardless of how well behaved they are. They shared their experience of their dog being attacked by another dog who wasn’t on a leash. They almost lost their dog after the attack.

I dont care how well behaved your dog is, put it on a leash. from r/unpopularopinion

1. So, people shared their own experiences of dogs who weren’t on a leash to support the Reddit user’s opinion.

2. Why would you attack a dog on its own property? You’re the unwanted one there!


3. Territorial? It is a public space!


4. This is how responsible dog owners behave.


5. It can scar a dog for life.


6. Not only are other dogs the victims, but humans are also victims.

“Everyone is like “I identify because this happened to my dog!” and I’m like “I identify because this happened to my human self!”.

Had a dog run at me while on my bike. Slowed down because there was a dog all up near my wheels, so it got to me. Got bitten – not badly, but was really shaken.

Now every time I am out walking/running and a dog runs at me, my heart starts racing and I start thinking “It knows I’m scared, it can sense it as danger and that I’m an enemy and its going to attack” and then that escalates until I’m having a near on panic attack.

I know its irrational – especially when its smaller dogs who I logically know couldn’t do me that much damage – but then phobias are irrational.

Add that to the fact that my dad is weary of dogs and I think I picked up on that at a young age, and partially because of that I’ve never owned a dog myself and therefore am not as in tune with the signals of their intentions as some people… yeah, not a fan of strange dogs or when dogs run at me.”

7. The dog will stop trusting other dogs.


It is not the dog’s fault for attacking. Just like you can not blame a child for making a mess when they are left unsupervised. Take dogs in the sense of children who do not know better. A dog’s natural instinct can kick in any time if they feel even slightly threatened which is why they should be put on a leash so they don’t attack anyone. Scroll down below for more stories:

8. This is why there are leash laws!


9. The owner could have been far away and the dog could have bit this person.


10. A dog not on his leash in a PUBLIC park?


11. The sweetest dog can even turn aggressive after one bad encounter.


12. What if the dog was rabid?

13. A dog’s size does not matter.


Have you ever had a bad experience with a dog off a leash? Do you agree with this opinion? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


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