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19 Dogs Who Tried Hard Their Best To Be Good Boys But Failed Adorably

There isn’t any doubt in the fact that there’s nothing more precious than a dog’s love for its person. Everything about a dog’s relationship with its owner is so enviable that we can obsess over it forever. Our four-legged floofs are bundles of joy as well as wholesomeness, hereby we love everything about them even their flaws. According to research on dog behavior, it has been stated that most of a dog’s life is spent in the effort of making its person happy. A dog will try and give in all it has to see you with that toothy smile. We wonder what did we do to deserve these fluffy puppers!

Despite the efforts our woofing pets make to make their owner happy, they often cause a lot of blunders too. Apparently, they’re trying to be as good as you asked them to be but the goofiness often takes over which makes them trip the ‘good boy’ line. However, everything about these pups is so precious that all we can do is laugh away our distress over the mess. That’s exactly what a Twitter user did while pointing out his ‘ good boy’s ‘ not-so-good habits and the post got flooded with similar comments that it literally became a thread!

Here are the dogs who tried their best to be good but failed in the most hilarious ways possible! Make sure to go through all the pictures because your day is surely going to become better in case you were having a bad one.

1. Buck hates to bathe otherwise but he has to bathe when I am


2. He just has to look like a nun while playing with these curtains whenever he visits me at my workplace

via AceAnbender

3. Max mimics my dad, who happens to sit in the same place while watching T.v

via helie_bel

4. Marvel likes to sleep in warm places

via kalekent

5. Ollie makes sure to keep an eye on every move I make

via  jiggyhal

6. Sniper is a big doggo but he still gets a little shaky while there’s thunder striking

via  guitartwinkles

7. Mickey needs a bite everytime we’re on the table

via Zighoul

8. Moonlight is obsessed with rolls and cylinders, we can’t explain why

via  livin4advntr

9. Milo has been watching lots of ostrich content lately

via zorbama

10. It’s pretty hard to impress Zoey

via GingerWife2017

We can never have enough of these hilarious doggos, can we? They just can’t help being goofy and making us laugh for hours. The fun isn’t over just yet! Keep scrolling to get the full dose of funniest doggy content on the record.

11. This little boy here loves to supervise the cleaning bot

via TheBonald

12. Good boys being the good boys they are

via  kevinaud

13. The only way to seek mom’s attention is to get stuck in the window

via dixie0912

14. Dexter every time he sleeps

via FritziPower

15. “Hig sits on my steps and howls until I open the door to let him inside. Just so you know, Hig is not my dog.”

via unknown

16. Boomer while his cat sister Siera hisses at him

via arduyina

17. Blaze was asked to go to bed

via rox-it

18. Ridiculously adorable!

via aubreydscott7

19. Lucy loves to play Peek a boo

via Paramedic351468

Dogs are truly a blessing for us, they might act extra crazy sometimes or create a mess but nothing can match their love for their humans. The puppy eyes and silent squeaks make us forgive them right away. No matter how bad they behave or what bad habits they have, these doggos will always be our good boys!

What bad habit does your good boy have? Do tell us about it, we love all sorts of doggy goodness!


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