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20 Photos That Prove Animals Turn Our Lives Upside Down And Make It A Wonderful Adventure

There’s nothing more beautiful than a wholesome bond between a person and their pet. The beauty of this bond can easily be explained, how the human as well as the pet deal with each other’s shortcomings and love each other unconditionally for all possible reasons. Pets might sometimes drive you nuts but that doesn’t mean they meant to hurt you, it’s just our goofy floofs come with this manufacturing fault of turning our lives upside down. Well, if they’d be well-mannered boys and girls how and what would make our lives crazily interesting then? This precious companionship of a pet adds so much to our boring lives including health and happiness.

Our pets have this amazing ability to keep us off the couch, whether it’s you dying on the inside for losing your pet and it’s just there hiding under the bed because it loves to play hide n seek, or your dog constantly keeps interrupting your relaxing time just so you play fetch with it. They might also be absolute troublemakers for always messing up with the trash or ripping apart your favorite squishy cushions or even running around the house for no reason at all, they are the ultimate burst of energy that we need to keep ourselves boosted!

Despite them being insanely annoying at times, our pets still have and will always have our hearts. They know how to win us away with those awwdorable looks and silent calls. They furthermore also have this constant urge of invading your privacy because personal space does not exist in their dictionaries. Hereby if you’re thinking of getting a pet or already are a pet parent get ready for all the craziness, but this certainly does not mean we love our pets any less.

Scroll down to see how these pets think they have the license to do whatever comes into their furry minds and they aren’t even sorry for it!

1. I always dreamed of getting a stretched Limo but ended up having a stretched kitty

via  Le-Poussin-Jaune

2. Every time I sit down thinking of having some ‘me-time’

via blitched

3. That is the fifth time he is winking at my girl IN A DAY

via Infern0_ssbm

4. My cat, while her $200 bed lays empty in the living room

via snwboard333

5. Hey Hooman, I am at the top of the world, ‘our little world’


6. How dare you blame me for this?

via Pickles_and_mayo

7. “When Ravioli saw his pups for the first time!”

via  figuringout25

8. Kitties discovering heating floors while humans die of cold

via ThisIsNotCat

9. He loved looking outside the window so I brought him this hanging bed, meanwhile him

via angrymallard

10. The look he gives after eating a whole piece of ham I saved for a dinner party

via  unknown

Can we ever have enough of these fuzzies? We don’t think so! They brighten up the gloomy days in a blink of an eye, we couldn’t have been more thankful for these crazy furiends of ours. Keep scrolling to see some more of the pet madness that will have you in hysterics.

11. When it’s a cheat day, no exercise for the day

via annelcaruthers

12. He thinks he is still that little pup he once was

via chazmosaur

13. I have taken over the humanity, Meowhahahahaha

via Hoshui

14. Oops, I am stuck again for the 67440940th time

via unknown

15. Taking it all in while it lasts

via BlueJeepGirl78

16. You said your cat sleeps in the oddest places what do think of this kitty?

via ethnotechnic

17. When its Sunday

via  Nimplunk7

18. “My dog drowning me to get my raft”

via GregEnsom

19. I started locking her outside while coming to the bathroom so this is the solution she found

via ES5Q

20. Can’t blame me for the disobedience now

via BeckerKM21

What’s the craziest yet funniest thing your pet does? Do let us know in the comments section, we love pet stories!


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