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50 Dogs With Their Adorable Mini Versions

Whats adorable than a puppy?

A puppy alongside their parent of course.Because just like humans, animals love their kids as well. Maybe even more so sometimes. That is why today we are taking a look at some of the most adorable images of doggos and their mini versions. I guarantee these photographs will make you squeal with delight.


While we always promote ‘adopt, don’t breed or shops’ even I have to admit these puppies are gorgeous. And according to some research female dogs are more likely to be calm because of their maternal instinct. I’d say that applies to humans as well.

So scroll on below and take a look at some maternal bonds.

#1 The other one just wants to be in the photo.

Via pluckee

It’s Nico and Hatch! I follow them on Instagram. -SelenaFigueroa

#2 The little baby is excited to be there.

Via PeterFoldberg

#3 Are we sure these are real dogs?

Via gabbitronn

Omg they’re like strange wrinkly old men cross adorable little babies BUT THEY’RE TEN TIMES AS ADORABLE!!!!!! -LeopardHorse56

#4 The ears are adorable.

Via ImFiction

#5 They clearly want something.

Via consonantalo

The son is s batdog! -AparnaKar

#6 A sweet moment between the two.

Via baggybulldogs

#7 A little peck is all it takes.


Sorry but the mutilation of the ears for pointless aesthetics detracts from such a beautiful photo. -AdrianEast

#8 It’s so small!

Via glennannan

#9 Ready for some belly rubs.


Beautiful Image, thank you. -ChrisLevine

#10 I think it’s time for a nap.

Via escimages

#11 These floofy butts were all I needed today.

Via louiebaur

The only twerking I would love to see lol. -IntanBrahmanti

#12 The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Via hitcha

#13 Taking care of your child.

We used to have a German shepard we had him when i was still a baby my parents told me he was protective of me and he would sleep right next to me at night and he would growl if someone picked me up.

But now that i think about it my life feels kinda like parnormal activity if you haven’t heard of it because they had a German shepard in the one movie and it was protective of the baby. -Kirsten Lee

#14 Enjoying the warm sun.


Southeastern Guide Dog, Bentley and his son. -ElizabethCummings

#15 ‘I’m hungry, mommy!’

Via Fyrelight

#16 The kid wants nothing to do with the dad.


“Dad, stop it! It’s so awkward…” -Inzane_sniper

#17 The head is the most comfortable place.

Via Farhad Ghader

#18 Such a beautiful image.

Via Sanna Sodergreu

It’s the dog from the movie Turner & Hooch …. too cute. -JessicaWoehlke

#19 The mom looks so happy and proud.

Via imgur

#20 ‘I will not let you go.’

Via morethebito

Very unfortunate they chose to crop the puppy’s ears. With an adult dog, you don’t know who had it done, but it’s clear this owner made a poor choice in doing so with this pup.

Oddly, the mama’s ears appear to be natural. Ear-cropping is not widely done anymore for a variety of very good reasons. -LoisReese

#21 When your legs are too short.

Mama plz get me icecream. -ShaherisSuhel

#22 There is always the one who is the opposite.


But I do look most like mommy and I will be thiiiis big too! -FemmyMe

#23 Can I boop you?

Good! There is mama’s nose! -FemmyMe

#24 Half panda probably.

Via sugabee

#25 They look so content with their life.

Safe in Mama’s arms. -Snarkygal

#26 Another nose boop.

Via superkebab

I’m so glad there were rotties in this mix!! So gorgeous when they’re young. -CarlySienko

#27 What else was he supposed to use as a pillow?

Via Irene Mei

So sweet. I had a male Siberian. He was a great dog but also a great escape artist. LOL. -MillieGrams

#28 The posing is magnificent.

You cannot get cuter than that! And their names are the perfect fit. -asamorgane

#29 Unable to ven open the eyes.

Via pubestic

#30 I knew that the dogs would be the first to turn into zombies.

Cause this is thriller, thriller night. -DeyanGeorgiev

#31 This is the biggest pitbull in the world.

Via DarkDynastyK9s

#32 Curious little fella.

Via imgur

I love this one, the little one looks more curious than his mom, she looks in love of the photographer. -Camila Moraga

#33 So who’s gonna play with the ball?

Via Svetlana

#34 The mouth is so pink.

Via Busha_b

#35 All ready for a party.

Via bgorre

Breeders tie a string around the neck to identify each puppy in a litter – each pup has a different color so that they can tell them apart.

I learned that when I was watching a live cam about pups being bred to be service dogs. I thought it was a bad idea, too, until I figured out why they do it. It’s safe. -MaryTonningsen

#36 When one child is rebelling.

“.. then check if the left is clear of traffic! ” -FemmyMe

#37 Let me hug you.

I sleep like this with my little ones too. -ShaherisSuhel

#38 This couch is now ours.


#39 When you go out for the first time.

Via Hana D

Beautiful picture. -PpJjTreecharoenwiwat

#40 Their eyes are absolutely beautiful.

Gorgeous dogs, I love their matching big floppy ears. -DonnaOades

#41 The mom is very concerned.

Via Yaroslav Yaroslavoff

My favorite breed. I had one for 17 years and he was so good. -captaingrumpy

#42 I’m pretty sure the baby is hungry.

Via Jodi

#43 Even the parent is so small.

Via Sam

So teeny! -MelisaBleasdale

#44 Meeting your mother for the first time.

Via imgur

#45 When you’ve had a ruff day.

Via Young Huynh

#46 Are we sure this isn’t a hamster?

Via Carol

Love his little mouth! -SarahClark

#47 Such an adorable little baby.

Via AaronColby

Thank you for NOT cropping your dogs ears. -JessicaWoehlke

#48 That’s the look of love right here.

Via Rayya The Vet

#49 Teaching your child how to walk.

Via welsh corgi

Damnit…my Kryptonite…Corgis… -Sarah O’Dwyer

#50 Are we sure these aren’t twins?


Which one of these images did you find the most adorable? Comment down below and let us know. Don’t forget to share so others can enjoy the cuteness as well.


What do you think?