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12 Honest Dog Breed Slogans That Breaks Stereotypes About Them

With or without being aware of this, people love stereotypes! It helps them in making judgments and decisions more quickly. But stereotypes are not always true, they should be taken with a pinch on salt. Because these stereotypes are not always right, the judgments and decisions one makes using these stereotypes might actually be wrong and unfair. In fact, stereotypes are more false than being true.

All the dogs need love, care, and attention from their owners. But some dog breeds are falsely or negatively stereotyped of being rude, mean and harmful. These stereotypes are not true, they rarely represent that particular dog breed in a correct manner.

Freelancer Laura Palumbo has illustrated some of these stereotypes that come along with specific dog breeds, with her series of minimalist illustrations. “Many people I know say they would like to have a dog, but they exclude Dobermanns, Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, and so many other breeds from the start, because there’s still a belief that they are too aggressive,” Palumbo told in an interview. “I think it’s true that every breed has different traits but with correct education, every dog can be suitable with kids. I believe that dogs are what their humans are.”

Scroll down and see the slogans for yourself!

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1. That’s a pitbull for you, warrior on the outside and darling on the inside.

2. Huskies are vocal because that’s how they grab your attention.


“Huskies: Barking is for Amateurs” – Lewis Kaminski (lemikam)

3. Mutts can be as great of pets as any other purebred dogs!


4. Corgis are short and lovable!


Also famously known for their big fluffy butts.

5.  These goofy little guys can surely surprise you with their intelligence.


6. Golden retriever are angels sent straight down from heaven!


“A retriever once helped me retrieve and maintain my sanity, so I got nothin’ bad to say about ’em!” – Monica Spangenberg

7. If given proper training, great Danes are really friendly and cheerful!


8.  These are miniature king and queens, ready to rule!


9. All a Labrador wants is to please you!


10. I am smarter than you think!


11. Sorry for constantly farting on your face.

12. These entertaining wittle babies will never fail to win your heart!


“Painfully true.” – Jeanette Klasson

Stereotypes can be really scary, no? So, next time let’s try to make judgments not based on our stereotypes. All these dog breeds are really adorable and it’s sad how people have negatively stereotyped them to be aggressive.

Which one is your favorite breed from the above mentioned breeds? Let us know in the comments section!


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