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Time To Take In The Weekly Dose Of Cuteness With Best Cats And Dogs

We’re back with a more daily dose of cuteness!

New day, new hopes, and a new dose of cuteness to start the day off right! We understand that you are having a stressful day and are unsure of how to relax your mind.

We are on our way to save the day! What you really want is a few minutes of mindless entertainment.  We have gathered some of the most adorable, cuddliness images of these furry babies to share with you. We are not sure why, but seeing these fluff balls always makes us forget about our problems and clears our minds of noxious memories and other such things. These four-legged babies are definitely worthy of our love and affection for this very reason. All we can do is fall in love with them over and over again, and we can’t seem to get enough of them on screen.

So, why not scroll down and admire how mother nature has overloaded them with adorableness?

1. This furry friend is rocking this sweater.

Via  u/fosterschmidt

“I jokingly asked my mom to knit a sweater for my cat. she took it seriously, and actually did it”

2. These pals are making sure the baby is having a good nap.

Via u/tatertat2

“Favorite pic of Strider (dog) and Smulder (cat) taken the day my daughter came home.”

This picture melts our hearts. Cat and dog have the same level of curiosity about this little tiny adorable creature in their home. Did you notice that these pals look similar despite the fact that they’re so different from each other? They’re just crazy! That’s the reaction of almost every furry friend when they see a baby in their home.

3. That duck face is like: Watcha lookin at?

Via u/Jessyasperge

“He’s late for work”

4. French Bulldogs!

Via u/ChapterSelect1399

“‘The dog on the Left…”

“The dog on the Left is an award-winning show dog named Arnie an AKC French Bulldog. The dog on the right is Flint, bred in the Netherlands by Hawbucks French Bulldogs – a breeder trying to establish a new, healthier template for French Bulldogs.”

5. This husky is snuggled up for a chilly nap.

Via u/MostlyBadTakes

“At least not everyone hates snow”

6. It’s uncanny how closely that position resembles a cat on a blanket.

Via  u/ricecakechimichanga

“His arrival was foretold by a blanket.”

7. Born with Armor!

Via  u/goatishrust

“Smol Birb”

8. This pup is being picked up after being kidnapped at gunpoint.

Via u/Just_Fill_92

“My sister’s dog was stolen at gunpoint last year and we just found him today! This is him getting picked up.”

9. Snow Boy; waving Hi!

Via u/Complex_Hat_3012


10. Love that bread pillow!

Via u/9999monkeys

“Could it be, that the purpose of humanity, is to make cats happy?”

11. Describing this picture as too adorable just isn’t enough.

Via u/doubleniji

“«Look what I made!»”

12. That teeny tiny bum tho!

Via u/fosterschmidt

“Jan Claude Van Hamster”

13. This fluffy kitty is having a great time while soaking up some sunlight.

Via u/Mazharshah007

“Sunbath Time ..”

14. When it’s movie night!

Via u/Mazharshah007

“animals were taken at just the right time”

15. Doesn’t these snowballs look like marshmallows!

Via  u/Alexyaz29

“My doggo after spending 10 minutes outside then refusing to come back inside even though he doubled his weight with snowballs”

16. This look will steal your heart.

Via u/lSylerl

“That look got me”

17. Is there anyone out there who can beat her cuteness? *smooches*

Via u/mrinickolaj

““Best thing to happen to me last year” – my girlfriend (we’re 6 months together lol)”

18. That sassy winter look!

Via u/sh0tgunben

“Winter Cat”

19. When you are overjoyed because of your birthday.

Via u/cassidyflood

“Very happy pup waiting for her birthday cake”

20. So many tiny fluffy babies.

Via u/lostspaceqveen

Which picture are you swooning over? Let us know your favorite image in the comments section below.


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