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Entitled Customers And Their Monstrously Bold Antics That Will Make You Snap

There are people from different walks of life in the world. You name it: good, bad, patient, impatient, haughty, humble. However, there is a subset of people who are nasty to waiters, order takers, or people who are working their tails out to make a livelihood, not just because they are underpaid, but also because they are subjected to misery and disdain from those who believe they are superior to them. People are so impatient that they constantly demand to be prioritised. It’s simply ridiculous how affluent individuals, regardless of race, gender, or age, can be so ungrateful at times that it’s necessary to call them out.

Being a consumer, for some reason, brings out the worst in people. It makes them believe that destroying property, making up ridiculous excuses for not tipping, and sitting on the chicken is a good idea. Sometimes it’s complete ignorance, and other times its really real malice. But it doesn’t matter what the rationale is; customer service is still left to clean up the mess. Here are some blatant cheapskates who were their own worst enemies for some frustrating yet satisfying examples of entitlement backfiring.

1. The caption says it all

Handwriting - ter Dyse DO ot6/2012 02/16/2012 Server Brea Vise Card co00oco Magnet te card present Acproval 092817 8388647 Ger A 7 RCAL TOB $133.54 Anount: 1 33 134.87 Tipp Total: Merchart What a jerk n o fer our VIP Newsletter Askyour Server for Details Ne offer free WI-ET

2. He thinks he is sitting at home

Jeans - Is he for real?!

3. Being at the extreme level of miser

Font - Amount: $ 16.89 + Tip: 0.01 = Total: IC. 90 wow thanks pay the above according to the er agreement,

4. Atheist got infuriated 

Font - ******* Stored Order ****** x Adult Dinner KM - Dinner 147.96 47.86 SUBTOTAL TAX AMOUNT DUE 195.82 10.79 206.61 VF VISA PURCHASE 206.61 P Now I know.. guess I'M TIRED OF PeoPle Like you SHOVING RELIGION DOWN MY THROAT By telliNG me TO HAVE A BLesseD DAY! Tip: 206.61 Total: 4)

5. He dared to put a smiley at the end, I mean.. 

Handwriting - TOTAL 24.37 24.37 CHARGE TIP 24.39 TOTAL Kitchen Open Late Every Night Please Serving Breakfast On Gef Sat & Sun 9am To 1pm STORE COPY Conkr Noted

6. Now would be a good time to quit

Handwriting - Ok im quitting NO GENT ONE And youre worth less!

7. People can never be nice 

Handwriting - ode: Date: 40376942 91614A OBO 115109 Cool end to my shift Visa aunt: $15.34 3.98 Tip: Boo. . $13.9 $1.38 You FAIL tal: $15 ian 15 34 ure

8. Well this can’t be argued 

Handwriting - We do Noti accept money removed from your shoes socks underwear or bra. This is not healthy tor anyone. Can't argue with that nathank qon

9. That would stink 

Shelf - ICKS Just some chicken defrosting over everything Clatmaai Cree Pies KED KID KID C Pies

10. I think you already did 

Drinkware - Can I murder them?

11. People who got no manners to decency do this

Automotive parking light - Carts dumped in the handicap spot. Great

12. Wow, people shamelessly be functioning their own way

Handwriting - APPROVAL CODE: 104462 Merchant ID: 061345 Trans Type: Auth Well this is new Amount: 12.84 Tip: -2,84 Total: 00e $100 bersice was se bad i toou 2,84 off miy blll. -Thanas ardmember agrees to pay total in Ccordance with agreement governing

13. I don’t know where do such people come from

Food - A customer left a dirty diaper on their meal

14. This customer is using his own theories 

Handwriting - Merchant ID: 491621 Trans Type: Auth IGue 10% why doqure Amount : 34.93 Get 18 Tip 18% : Adtl Tip : Pastn34. 43 Total .lees Beel Cardmember agrees to pay total in aucordance with agreement governing use of such card. He has a point Merchant

15. I thnk some customer came with their soiled kids to ruin this shop 

Purple - I just don't get why anybody would leave a store like this...

16. Filthy people be like 

Jeans - TOMATOES This dude is sitting on the raw chicken

17. Great way to refrain impatient people from doing forbidden stuff

Shelf - ISTICK SRRE'S CRUNCH chun Please see employee, for Iche help This store locks the fridge because people lick the icecream

18. Aren’t we all? Well, that’s okay..

Handwriting - Me too.. Amount $5.00 Tip 5.00 Total F would but J'm S - budget I agree to pay the above total amount according to my card issuer agreement.

19. The lady must have forgotten she’s not into hr house, this sucks

Photograph - SIT UTTA ALAND Not ok in a bedroom, so why here? Vomo Joman

20. Ugliest side of customers

Handwriting - Literally why

21. Excuse me, lady, you were not hired for cleaning the lettuce

Clothing - She's dropping the "bad lettuce" from every lettuce!

22. Nice way to keep the thiefs away

Food - Important Buddha wont bess you if you STEAL him

23. How to unsee this picture?

Tableware - whyyyyyyyy

24. Well, that does not quite work this way, does it?

Food - Someone just asked to return this "overripe" mango
Now that we’ve come to the end of the story, we hope that it inspires everyone to speak up and intervene if they perceive something improper going on in their midst. Not everyone has the confidence to speak up, especially folks like these who work long hours to achieve a respectable living but only receive humiliation in return. We must all recognize that these folks are human beings who are going to make mistakes. No one is flawless. You can still handle them gently and nicely just because they committed a mistake. Finally, we’d want to hear your thoughts and opinions on the matter.

What do you think?