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Scammer Claims To Have Found Missing Cat, Gets Trolled To Oblivion

It’s a shame that we live in a world where individuals try to steal people’s identities by exploiting their missing pets, but that’s the world we live in. Some con artists will pose as your employer, while others will act as their own worst adversaries. At the very least, it’s relatively easy to recognize this kind of stuff, and when we do, it gives us an opportunity to play with a jerk.

scammers exist all over the world and no one knows what they get for fooling people. It’s truly a shame if you have ever done such a task. We should behave decently while we are in this world and should not play with someone else’s feelings as that makes us lesser of a human and nothing else. Scroll down below to read the story of a scammer who got fooled by the cat owner. It’s hilarious how he counter-attacked the scammer and gave us a dose of satisfaction.

1. Here’s how the story started when an unknown number started claiming he found the owner’s cat 

Organism - e (213) 205-5027 i found Babou. Where did you find Babou? First of all I want to verify that you are the real owner. Okay sure I understand. To be safe right?

2. This was when the owner understood it was a scam and started annoying the scammer by sending random messages

Organism - For verification I have sent you 6 digits verify code. Please check your phone messages and send me the code that you recently received. This code is 6 digits and I sent it from 22-000. Okay let me go get my glasses. My eyes aren't too good

3. This was where is started getting hilarious 

Organism - Hard when you have only 1 eye left. You know, from the war. Kindof hard to type without depth perception 8 Okay Hmmm. Okay I got it. You ready? send the code here just What code?

4. He pretended to be the grandpa of the scammer and kept calling him “John” 

Product - Who is this? Kevin? Is that you? Oh Kevin why don't you ever text your grandpa any more I am john The code is real person checker code,when you send me the code then i confirm you are real owner. Oh little John! How's your mom doing? It was really nice that she stopped by the home today. You know it's been hard for me since your grandma died

5. The scammer would ask him to send the code but he would just send him random stories and texts to engage him 

Font - And the nurses have to help me with all of my things since I lost my eye Did you get the Halloween card I sent you? can you send me the code? When are you going to come visit me again?

6. The scammer did not understand what was happening as he was flooded with a lot of messages 

Font - Your mom said you got a new job? Do you like it? I don't have your number saved anymore it seems I'll add you to my contacts so we can chat a lot again I remember when you were just 7 years old and you pooped your pants at the benihana Your mother was so embarrassed

7. “Why aren’t you responding to your old grandpa?”, and it went funnier and funnier 

Font - How's your brother Kevin doing? John John you there? Why aren't you responding to your old grandpa You know you haven't talked to me in 2 years Now • SMS

8. Then he would play him by saying that he’s sending he code

Font - can you send me the code or not? Oh the code that the Google thing sent me. Is that what you need son? yeas Okay I sent it Tell your mom that the cherry pie she brought me was delicious

9. Hilarious 

Organism - send the code here I did send the code son. Did you not get it? 8 no i did not Okay let me try again john

10. He got his code and got called troglodyte, it’s how he knew that the other person was fooling him instead

Rectangle - Okay it is: 456- go fk yourself you troglodyte mother f ker Try and scam me, get the fok out of here Now • SMS


Via LegacyDLT

What are your thoughts on this hilarious story? ever happened to interact with a scammer? Share your stories down below. For more fun content, keep visiting defused.


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