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13 Seemingly Harmless Everyday Things That Scream ‘Sexism’

Oftentimes, we fail to recognize sexism because it has become so transparent in our everyday life. It all begins with the normalization of sexism in our societies. Sometimes, people are unable to question sexism because it’s so much embedded in our lives, that we fail to recognize it or even question it.

Let’s explain this with an example here: what if you ask a woman “Why do you shave your legs in the winter? Or really, at all?” Literally!! Like yes, women shave their legs because they like to stay clean and they feel comfortable in it. Obviously, who doesn’t like smooth legs? Duh!

Okay! Now let’s assume what would you do if you were born in a parallel universe where shaving legs wasn’t considered normal. Strange right? Imagine we all would have been roaming like a hairy bear. And the heroines won’t put razors on their skin and act in their natural bodies. This means no one would shave their legs or stay clean.
Well, we headed towards Reddit where we gathered a lot of posts regarding how sexism is being considered harmlessly normal in our everyday life. Let’s have a look at these posts:

1. U/bewaits – a Reddit User asking a question to women on Reddit!


Via u/bewaitss

u/bewaitss is one of the Reddit users. She used the platform to ask women about what they consider the seemingly harmless things in their everyday life that is sexist. Surprisingly! Many anonymous women opened up on this post regarding their opinions and thoughts.

2. Don’t put your hands on my waist.

Via u/Rouxwillruleyou

It’s quite strange and creepy how strangers put their hands on women’s waists when they need to pass. Like they can ask politely or ask by tapping on the shoulder. But no, why put hands-on back if you can speak. Cringy!

3. Why do we see women only in laundry ads?

Via  u/Ursanana_

4. It’s frustrating why only women are forced to have birth control pills and not men?

Via u/lonelyengineer123

Well, it is being considered a harmless norm in our society. But why? We fail to understand why only women need to take birth control pills. Why can’t men have it even though there are pills available for men?

5. Hair trim costs more for Women!

Via u/Tasty_Education5905

6. Aging women Vs Aging men – a double standard

Via u/kas405

7. Couldn’t agree more. Unisex should be fit for both bodies.

Via u/princessbubble-gum

 8. You actually did a great job.

Via u/RasSass_01

9. This needs to be stopped!

Via u/RasSass_01

10. Definitely not a “compliment”.

Via u/ohmyh00dness

11. Why do men need more medical treatments?

Via u/boatsmoatsfloats

12. But why this discrimination tho?

Via u/darkwindow73

13. Aren’t Master and Mistress pair words?

Via u/JenineMenine

Is sexism an unconscious bias? No! Sometimes there are women as well who are against the woman. It’s not a typo, but it’s true. It’s a fact. Not all women, but there are few women who are against and biased towards their own gender. There are some females who like to highlight the facts regarding sexism that seem harmless in our everyday life, and we have shared some of the posts with you.

Let us know what you think is considered harmless sexism that we face in our daily life but should be pointed out? Also, don’t forget to comment your thoughts on sexism in the comment section below.


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