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30 Tweets From Teachers Explaining Why There Is A Teacher Shortage & It’s Too Obvious

There are so many highly qualified teachers, then why are teachers quitting altogether?

Is not it weird that teachers are quitting their profession? Teaching is considered a noble profession, yet teachers are quitting. But, why? Why is everyone saying that there is a “teacher shortage”? They are not right. There is not a teacher shortage, there is a lack of people willing to give respect, good compensation and support. Teachers should be respected but instead, parents, students and administrators would disrespect the teachers who try their best to educate the kids of the future. There are many reasons why teachers are quitting and here are 30 of the tweets made by the teachers, or others explaining why there is a teacher shortage.


1. Teachers should be respected and should be given good compensation:

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2. Why can’t schools buy school supplies?


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3. “Remember this when people ask about the teacher shortage”


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4. What the hell, why not increase the security instead of training teachers and students on how to fend off?:


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5. Oh, so now teachers would be called racist for teaching CRT:


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6. Parents, be polite to the teachers and not blame everything on teachers:


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No more parents-teacher meetings.

7.   “There’s a shortage of respect, a shortage of proper compensation for teachers.”


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8. “And we wonder why teachers are quitting.”


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9. Teaching has become the wrong kind of hard:


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10. There is not a teacher shortage, there is a parent shortage:


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11. There is more than just workload:

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12. Why there is a massive teacher shortage:


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13. “America we are better than this”

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14. If for once someone would have said this, many teachers would have stayed:


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15. “This is straight out of idiocracy”

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What a stupid contest this arena held! They made teachers get on their knees and fight for the money so they can use it for school supplies. It is the responsibility of the schools to provide school supplies. Schools should pay more to teachers and respect them more so more and more teachers join again and enjoy teaching. Provide support and security to teachers. Appreciate their efforts and take care of their mental health.

16. “Give our teachers a damn raise!”


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17. This teacher needs a hug:

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18. Schools doubled the workload during the pandemic and many teachers quit:


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19. Work and life balance is more important than making more money:

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20. Why so many teachers decided to quit:


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21. Some of the reasons why teachers are leaving the profession:

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22. A teacher who spent $2K a year for school supplies:


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23. “The lack of respect and lack of funding”

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24. Imagine a crowded class full of unvaccinated, unmasked students:

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25. Who would work as a teacher when you can earn more working at Lowes?

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26. “The most pressing issue in education:”


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27. Why do you expect teachers to work in their off time?


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If schools want them to work in their off time, pay them extra.

28. Teachers should be expected to make a difference instead of just controlling the crowd:

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29. All the reasons why teachers left teaching are still there.


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30. They expect more from teachers but would not appreciate and pay them more:

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What do you think, why teachers are quitting their jobs and choosing other professions? Have you ever worked as a teacher and then left teaching? Tell us in the comment section why you left teaching.


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