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Tumblr Thread Shows How Everything ‘Written’ Is Important For Future Historians

Keeping a diary can be great.

You can look up the best and the worst moments of your life whenever you want. And these things can either make you feel empowered or give you the support you need to go through the next hurdle of your life. However, a diary is not only great for personal reasons but also in the name of preserving our history for future generations.

A reason not all history is as preserved as it should have been is because not many people wrote extensively about everything so the historians these days have to make a lot of assumptions. And while the Internet can fill in every hole imaginable, it is not necessary that all of today will be archived hundreds of years from now.

Nowadays we have the opposite problem. people overshare all the time on social media.

As much as the constant narcissism pisses me off, the current age will be a future historian’s wet dream. That is assuming we don’t destroy ourselves – and thus the internet – before then. –IWishAussieAnimals

Everyone must have known what it was at the time and no one thought it was necessary to write it down.


I’ve written diaries for 7-8 years. Every day is counted in and I have 62 diaries. All because I realized that I don’t know ordinary things about my dad, who died when I was 14. What he did as a kid or growing up. So when I die, ppl can read it and not second guess it. –StrongDragonObsession

I suppose we will never know where Punt was situated because of this.


We do know where Punt is though. We found out through mummified monkeys in the British Museum a few years ago. Eritrea or Eithiopia. –BasilTheBulgarSlayer

The exact location of Punt is still debated by historians. Most scholars today believe Punt was situated the southeast of Egypt, likely in the coastal region of Djibouti, Somalia, northeast Ethiopia, Eritrea, or the Red Sea littoral of Sudan. –Kanatatsu

Maybe the boring day you had might help the historians in the future find an important ‘artifact’.


It just goes to show that everyone leaves a unique mark on this world.


Will you be keeping a diary from now on? Or would you leave that part to other people? Comment down below and let us know. Don’t forget to share this feel-good post as well.


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