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30 Evil Stepparents That Can Make Cinderella’s Stepmom Look Like An Angel

Disney World is full of amazing stories and great life lessons that we have learned thus far. We were awestruck by the storyline, magical characters, and songs that the princess sang with little creatures. However, several of these Disney princesses had had a difficult childhood only due to their stepmother. When we hear the word stepmother, our minds immediately conjure up images of Cinderella’s stepsisters and stepmother, who made her life miserable due to their nefarious actions. But what do you think?  Is this something that just happens in the movies or in the Disney world? No…in fact, there are many stepmothers that are the epitome of Cinderella’s stepmother – at times, these stepmothers in the real world are even nastier than Cinderella’s mother.

Living with a stepparent is different; their actions, their unpleasant attitude, their constant taunting, and their abuse are what keep the child away from these parents. There are many children who experience everyday troubles as a result of these cruel ladies (especially stepmothers); no matter where they go, when they go, or what they wish to do, these women just cause a fuss in their lives and make their relationship with bio parents even worse.

The internet is full of unpleasant and harsh text messages sent by these stepparents to their children, and these texts are just so harsh and sometimes tragic that your heart will burst with sorrow. So, just read these messages to know that Cinderella’s stepmother was a nice lady in comparison to these stepmothers!

1. The way this child says “sorry” in the end is so heartbreaking.

iiVia onefootback

This child decided to have some fun with the friends because of half-day. He took permission from his father and the father didn’t communicate this to the mother. His stepmother asked him to reach home soon upon which the conversation went to the boiling point.

2. This cruel stepmother neglected to inform the boy of his father’s condition.

Via alexislynncatherin

This stepmother epitomizes a cruel, obnoxious person. She abused the child for about 9 years, and the boy was definitely not in contact with her due to that and hence doesn’t call her on a regular basis. This scumbag didn’t even tell the boy about his father’s illness or that he was in the hospital for two weeks. Still, this mother blames the child for not calling her on a regular basis, which is why she didn’t inform him regarding his father.

3. That’s horrible!

Via shrubbylight17

This boy’s dream was shattered when his father donated his computer to Goodwill. Many guys have an interest in computers and learning about them, so they invest their funds to buy a single PC, exactly like this boy, who spent $800 to buy this PC and his father donated it to someone is just so heartbreaking.

Brothers Grimm have made, compiled, and gathered the reasons behind the “Stepmother” characters in Disney and fairytale movies. And the reason is that it’s because the women died more frequently during their childhood than they do now, also, medicine was less progressed and a catastrophic injury or illness may result in death.

Obviously, who loves to live with stepparents who don’t care about their stepkid’s wellbeing. These parents won’t even take care of these innocent children and always abuse them no matter what. No one wants to deal with an environment that is blatant animosity, toxicity, or where there’s a lack of affection in a familial situation.

Just take this example of a stepmother who wanted her stepchild edited out of family photos, so she reached out to a Facebook community for assistance. People were understandably shocked by such a request.

4. Call her at 8:01 and wait for her reaction.

Via EE_33

Her stepmom took her stepsister to get food without her, and then she grounded her when she went to get food on her own.

5. That’s a terrible thing to demand.

Via AlwaysAngryFox

6. A box of cookies can sometimes be the cause of a dispute.

Via nyymphia

Just look at the response from stepmother when this guy bought some Girl Scout Cookies…

According to one Redditor, Foilfun: “Seeing the boy she wanted photoshopped out sitting by himself next to his step-siblings on the blanket just sort of broke me. But my reaction has changed after seeing it absolutely blow up. What really gets to me now is seeing people tell stories about being step-children who felt unloved (or at least not as loved as their step-siblings) growing up. That’s been my biggest takeaway from it,”

7. Why don’t these parents accept stepchildren before getting married?

Via darkizzle

8. These kinds of families are not worth living with…period!

Via fandom_toaster

So, this guy’s dog was scared of fireworks while he was at his father’s house for New Year’s. This is how his stepmother handled it.

9. Worst way to ask for money!


This stepmother called and texted her young stepdaughter asking for money. Just because she wanted it for “Field Day”

The Redditor said: “I can’t help but feel like it’s a fundamental misunderstanding of what family means. She probably didn’t mean anything malicious by the request, but the fact that she made it—or wanted it in the first place—makes me sad,”

10. Childhood abuse is the worst thing that can happen…

Via rustywinge

11. Never seen worse than this one…

Via fibralarevoluccion

The Facebook group of stepmothers is proof that 90% of these women despise their stepchildren. Like, what does it even mean “Stay In Your Room, Do Not Approach Me” when one is living in her or his own house.

12. Well, a screwdriver and a hammer can fix that.

Via sskiddotheory

This is the only solution by this stepfather just to ensure that nobody takes a bath, they can only shower.

“The mother made the choice to step into this family; that means she made a choice to step into all of the family. Stepson most definitely included. He’s just a little boy. He doesn’t know what is going on and he didn’t have a say in the matter. She most certainly does. She was given the chance to raise him as her own (or some complicated version of “her own”) and her response was to photoshop him out.”

13. Just text this Dad “it’s you’re, not your” and watch him go insane.

via LoGungFu

This 42-year-old man set some ground rules with his 65-year-old stepfather.

14. This 15 year old really needs some attention and care.

Via rainbowequalsgay

This guy shared his terrible experience with his stepdad. Months ago, his bike tire flattened and his stepdad refused to pick him up, so he had to walk. It was 9 at night, and he lived in a town full of drug addicts, and there is a Sex Ring not far from where he lives. When he got home, his father told him to stop being afraid because he said he wouldn’t be. Stepdad is 50 and weighs 400 pounds, and this guy is only 15-years-old.

15. What’s wrong with this stepmom?

Via jaynellll

This guy got a new tattoo and shared his picture with his dad, just three days later, he received this text message from his stepmother.

According to the Redditor: “They certainly don’t have to be blood to be family. I think that if you’ve made the choice to be a parent—step or otherwise—the responsibility is the same. These kids are the future. They’ll take both the best and the worst of you with them. If I were a father, I can’t help but feel like this would constantly be on my mind. Want to be a better parent of any kind? Don’t treat your kids like ‘kids.’ Treat them like the future. They didn’t ask to be here, but you get the chance to help them realize they can be everything,”

16. Maybe, she wants this kid to get Covid!

Via 0Aranda

17. Some awful conversations!

Via Vsauce_Waifu

This stepmother’s mother came out to be a lesbian, and here’s the chat between him and his stepmother.

18. Well, kudos to these parents!

Via cocktailfantas

This 18-year-old guy was being kicked out of his house, and these parents took him in. Just because his stepfather didn’t want another male adult in the house, he was asked to sign this contract letter and was forced by his parents. Only his sister, who is still a minor, is the ‘witness.’

“I don’t want to see anybody hurt, but I also don’t want to see a world where kids continue to be pawns in their parents’ games and spats. Calling this mentality out whenever we get the chance is an important step if we’re going to see healthier generations going forward—ones that are better than we are.”

19. Girl, just run away from this nasty dad.

Via rianbear12

20. This woman needs to go get some help.

Via VaticanCameos714

“Step Mother Was Stalking My Daughter For A Year Before We Knew She Existed. She Made 7 Fake Profiles To Gather Information, And Asked A Friend To Help Kidnap My Daughter. The Friend Sent Me This”

21. All this stepmom can do is to check her bathroom or place she used to keep her things before texting this message.

Via AutisticBoss69

Smokegenovese – the Reddit user said that “no one should be in a family that treats them like utter [crap] and doesn’t love them even as a stepchild.” They also believe that stepparents who step over the line “deserve to be on the news.”

22. Oh man! no therapist would ever recommend or endorse such behavior!

Via kdm01

This stepmom took her bio kids inside and leaves stepkids on the porch. According to her, the children’s biological mother is a heroin addict who abandoned them.

23. Someone please teach this dad to grow up…

Via Bensbeanbow

24. Why do real parents allow them to behave this way with their own kids?

Via Ezra-DorkLord

This guy usually packed his own lunch when he attends an on-campus class. And this conversation with stepmom about him packing lunches quickly devolved.

25. No way!

Via Nickistory

26. Stepmoms are just crazy!

Via floydwarpo

Stepmother, who previously complained about the vaccine not having FDA approval, is now complaining about it having FDA approval.

27. We feel bad for such poor souls!

Via TySnave

This stepfather used to kick this guy because he did’t like his girlfriend, and he was so rude to this guy when he came out as trans.

“She [the stepmother] didn’t try to apologize until after I had called my son’s grandma asking if she knew. The internet’s reactions to me is honestly amazing. I would expect anyone to stick up for a 3-year-old. Honestly, I’m not sure what I plan to do next,” said the boy’s biological mother.

28. This mom is setting a new standard of stupidity!

Via floydwarpo

29. Worst thing parents can do to their kids…

Via jjjoe_

This child who is only 20 years old, who works as a part-time employee, and pays his own rent, his parents are deciding to “Fix” his life and they are setting internet timers for this child.

30. Some daughter-father moments can make stepmoms jealous!

Via spiderfightersupreme

Have you ever received any awful text messages from your stepparents? If yes, then do share it with us in the comments section below!


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