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20 People Narrated Stories About The Worst Days Of Their Lives

Life is full of unexpected ups and downs.

Every person in this world has a different perception of an ideal life. But one thing that is constant is that everyone craves an ideal life. A life without any problems, without any stress, without any unlucky happenings that could ruin your day. Nobody likes to be on that side of the story, but with life, you don’t really have a choice. You are often destined to face some situations. It’s like chickenpox, everyone is bound to get it once. It is very normal to experience something you hadn’t anticipated in life. That’s what life is all about, obstacles and hurdles are part of it. We’ve all had some very unfortunate experiences, experiences that make us regard that day as the worst day of our life. Let’s be serious here, we all want to avoid bad luck but what can we do if it decides to show up?

Well, let’s look at these 20 stories of people who tell us about their worst days and see how they dealt with them.

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1. Someone was probably having a really good day at the beach but not anymore.

Via flamesdivide

2. You just had to be there at this exact moment in time.


Via qbedo

3. Come on, let’s grab a quick selfie. Oops, looks like nature had other plans.


Via Heba_1123

4. This person woke up to loud sirens of police cars, firetrucks, and ambulances because someone reported what you can see in the picture below. Apparently, it was just a Halloween decoration that this house owner was too lazy to take down.


Via MahatmaBlondhi

5. Poor guy only wanted to put some. Unfortunately, not today, says the evil bird.


Via Crazycatnut

6. This person can see their neighbor use the toilet every day. Probably the unluckiest person on the planet.


Via tjompjer

7. Well played, you evil monster.


Via OneOne6unashamed

8. They put a sticky trap down to get a bug and forgot to take it off. Here are the results a few months later. I think they need to migrate to another country.


Via BananaDick_CuntGrass

9. What does one wrong push of a button does to you? It costs you a $100,000 dollars and you become a laughing stalk.


Via vertigo1084

10. They actually got the wrong guy. I wonder what the poor man went through until this correction was made.


Via WolfDangler

You just do not want to be these people, especially the ones who encounter nasty bugs. I would literally switch countries if I saw a spider in my house. I really feel for these unlucky people. Things surely can’t get any worse, at least we can hope for that.

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11. Everyone at the office decided to dress up, this person was the only one who followed the memo.

Via 0lidag

12. Someday needs to tell her of her smartness.


Via pieCharmed

13. This person found genuine rodent prints on their blanket as they were about to go to sleep.

Via gvstop

14. I got absolutely terrified until I realized it was spray paint. Go walk in the street and terrify the world.


Via my_silverado_and_i

15. I dare you to pick that toothbrush up.

Via snappiness

16. And they did it right in front of his eyes.


Via FCB_1899

17. Was this ice maker high?

Via Repiks

18. Thanks for ruining the day, Turkey.


Via poopgoose1

19. Things could’ve been worse had Pam not been there to save what was left of the day

Via slamchops

20. Just when this person had to present their master’s level thesis. Good luck with that one, bud.


Via EE_Tim

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