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18 Animals Who Didn’t Expect Much From Life, But Fate Still Smiled Down On Them

For genuine and intense pet lovers, all animals are the same. We see all of them equally and no one is less than any other. Unfortunately, that is not the case with everyone. We all notice how at adoption centers or shelters, the visibly cuter pets get more recognition and are adored more fully than other pets who are either injured or have compromised health that requires more care than usual. People are more interested in healthy cats that are perfectly healthy and will look pretty in their houses. Lesser people see through animals and love them truly for their whole being. Animals with compromised health and complications have to stick around for a long time before they are finally adopted. It is hard for them to find a loving and caring home that would really care for all aspects that may seem like burdens to others.


But finally, when someone does adopt these poor babies, It is mostly those who are genuinely full of love for pets. They would help their pets through the progress and ensure their new pet does not go through any struggle alone anymore. It is very touching to see an animal become healthier and happier after getting adopted.

In this article, we will share pictures of several cats and dogs that got adopted when they were at a low point in their life, but they thrived after adoption and became healthier than ever!

1. “I took in a kitten from the shelter that didn’t have one ear. She saved me when I was going through hard times in life.”

Via © -Badbutton- / Reddit

It’s funny how one can ease someone’s struggles while going through a hard time on their own! In this case, these both found their match.

2. “A year ago, I found my best friend. He bounced around shelters until he was 10 months old. Now, I’ll do everything to make him happy for the rest of his life.”

Via © thewaytheicethins / Reddit

We love pet lovers with this much determination!

3. “Meet Charlie. I just adopted my first dog! He has bad hearing but is an absolute love bug.”

Via © Kolzilla2 / Reddit

Looks like a very patient and cuddly dog!

4. “We just took our new dog, Ellie, home.”

Via © Honeybee71 / Reddit

How can anyone not adore this puppy dog face?

5. “When we found Bonya, she was suffering from fleas and an eye infection.”

Via © xiumingday / Reddit

Hoping our Bonya recovers very soon! This precious deserves all the goodness and treats in this world

6. “Meet Pickles. I took this 11-year-old cat home from the shelter. He is already feeling much better.”

Via © 0livemeow / Reddit

Most comfy cat ever!

7. Buzz and Arlo are in fight mode! But just look how healthy they look.

Via © blissrot / Reddit

8. ” couldn’t leave the shelter without Arlo. Now he’s happy.”

Via © JennyF****ngJones / Reddit

We would not have been able to leave her either! Who could ever?

9. “When we picked up our kitten 2 months ago, he was practically bald and suffered from flea anemia. Look at him now!”

Via © trystine / Reddit

Golden hour on our angel cat! Cannot believe this baby once suffered from flea anemia. Given how healthy he looks in his golden thick and clean fur and visibly healthy body, no one can tell he was not in good condition before.

It is melting our hearts to know how caring people are towards pets! Most of these cats have had a concerning health condition and now that they are finally in good hands, they look much healthier.

10. “Our precious angel baby, Albert, the day we brought him home”

Via © NoraT33 / Reddit

Albert clearly knows how to pose for a selfie.

If baby Albert is this comfortable sitting so close to his new parent, it only shows how welcoming the adopters must be. We can see in the picture how he is cozying up to the guy next to him.

11. “We took an 11-year-old cat home from the shelter. Today, he walked on the street for the first time.”

Via © she_rahrah / Reddit

Another poser!

12. “Bruce looked like he needed a good home. Now he has one.”

Via  © MountainGoat84 / Reddit

It is always overwhelming to see precious animals finally having a safe and nice home.

13. “I just adopted this 10-year-old cat. I haven’t come up with a name yet.”

Via © lilfruiter / Reddit

Looks like a Luna to us!

14. “Pepper is 13 years old and she was mistreated by her previous owners. But now, she only has love and hugs waiting for her.”

Via © OkamiSpringles / Reddit

Look at those eyes! Only hoping for love, cuddles, and hugs for pepper from now on.

15. “We took an 8-year-old beagle from the shelter. And recently, the vet said that he is most likely a crossbreed and is only 4 years old. We’re so happy.”

Via © mjc5592 / Reddit

Brooding eyes

16. “2 weeks ago, the vet said that this kitten wouldn’t survive. And now they’re completely healthy.”

Via © lizhaack / Reddit

The happiest news of this week!

17. “When I took Cleo from the shelter, she had heart problems. She is a healthy and happy dog now.”

Via © nimbus2105 / Reddit

Queen-like behavior!

18. “We got a dog from the shelter today. The vet says he’s 12 or 13 years old.”

Via  © Maxthecat2020 / Reddit

Going through this picture brings nothing feelings of pure joy and satisfaction! Seeing that there are people who go out of the way to care for these little babies who do not have any support around them brings. If we could, we would bring all animals of this world to one place and take care of them together! If only that was possible.

While we animal lovers are caring for our pets and protecting them from all the harshness of the world, we must also share such inspiring stories to give hope to others that our love for these babies is shared and we are in this together to care for them. It gives us the satisfaction that somewhere around the world there is someone who must be caring for the animals we can’t help. Share your stories with us too! It might make someone’s day.


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