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50 Hungry Criminal Pets Who Got Caught In The Act Of Stealing Food

Hunger can make you commit crimes.

Our pet animals have sort of taken it upon themselves to surprise humans every day. They will always manage to pull something out of that tiny bag of theirs, the one Hermione has in Harry Potter, and use those resources and their natural mischievous to surprise us. And believe it or not, that is exactly why we love animals so much. The factor of boredom sort of gets eliminated from life when you have a pet animal at your house, that’s how impactful their presence is. And don’t even get me started on how great companions they are and care for their owners like there is no one better than them in the world.

Now the surprise we are going to talk about today is animals stealing food. Hunger can make anyone desperate, after all, food is essential to stay alive. Now such a case arises when you are deprived of food and then the circumstances can make you break the law. But in these pets’ cases, they are very well fed by their owners but who can resist the smell of something very delicious even if your tummy is full? No one. So, these cuties decided to steal some very delicious food but unfortunately for them and fortunately for us, their paws got caught right in the act.

The results are bound to make you guys laugh out loud.  Scroll down below to enjoy.

1. This cutie stole everyone’s snacks and thought they would never know.

Via 9999monkeys

2. He was caught in the garbage can trying to snack on stolen food.


Via TillyTwoTis

3. This family built a snowman and this criminal dog decided to steal its nose.


Via GroovyJacuzz

4. This dog brings home eggs every day. Sweet, right? No, he would steal them from wild chicken.


Via aussiefrzz16

5. It’s not just cats and dogs who commit food-related crimes, it’s all sorts of animals.


Via JesusChristSupersta

6. There was no one at home so this cat thought it could enjoy some delicious treats, but got itself imprisoned in the process.


Via defectiveintellect

7. This criminal was caught eating bacon on Christmas morning. He just couldn’t wait till lunch or even breakfast.


Via sampletext1111

8. Neighbors left a squash for this family on their porch. The dog decided he has authority over anything that is on the porch and stole it.


Via Smilf13

9. We can all see you stealing those Cantucci biscuits, mate.


Via mazza_unicorn

10. This is Lola. She stole a cupcake wrapper to lick what’s left on it and should no signs of regrets as she made a lot of mess.



11. There was a missing strawberry in the basket. The culprit was spotted a few minutes later.

Via sarah_s_83

12. You have got to give it up for that confidence to look through an entire fridge for food and not care about being caught.


Via PrissyandPop

13. Not a look you would expect on someone’s face when they are caught red-pawed.

Via InfernalDragon_

14. Can you guys who drank the leftover tomato soup and is now trying to play it cool?


Via maxenee

15. Caught in the act of eating slices of bread. He is probably thinking I have been caught, I might as well continue eating now.

Via Cauzix

16. Just when he realized he is about to get caught, he hid the stolen carrot in his mouth and tried to play it cool.


Via officialcara

17. When mommy wouldn’t give you a second bowl of snacks so you try to take matters into your own paws and get caught doing so.

Via moeichi

18. This picture shows what separation withdrawal looks like.


Via elle_wishabihh_woods

19. Poor guy only wanted to eat some Tacos and is now very guilty for not asking for them.

Via northforthesummer

20. A whole potato. I wonder what Charlie was planning on doing with that.


Via Italianfreshness

21. Who just ate all the peanut butter? *trying not to spill it out* Not me, Mommy.

Via tfro9

22. Meet Cooper. This rescue dog stole a sandwich from a shop and 5 years later, he has his own sandwich joint. Free food for life.


Via Melflorez

23. Oh come on, just let the little one enjoy some watermelon.

Via miguelcolinart

24. Yeah let me just get a feel of this fish…*eats it and rushes off*



25. This is Bhaatbhoot Rice Ghost. This brave elephant decided to steal rice from an army mess and got caught red trunked.

Via 1NbSHXj3

No one should ever encourage stealing but the thing about these animals is that they look so cute in the pictures when they are caught red-handed, those reactions make you want them to do it again. And know this, that animals rarely feel regret or guilt especially cats. They will do it again even if you have publicly shamed them for it. That’s just how they are and we absolutely love them for that.

Let’s enjoy some more animals trying to steal food and getting caught red-pawed. Scroll down to continue!

26. What’s with dogs and bread? They love stealing it and getting caught right after that.


Via ailinabduction

27. While the owner was away, their cat somehow managed to get the food cupboard to open. It would then steal out all the packets and put them in a safe spot, the dryer.


Via Ragdemot

28. This independent feline decided to steal a sausage from a BBQ party happening in the neighborhood.

Via erigunn

29. Caught red-pawed stealing owner’s croissant.


Via janitrol

30. This is Isabelle. She saw a lot of Hoagie rolls. So she decided to steal as many as she could.

Via SpoopySpagooter

31. Do we classify this as stealing? Why not.

Via soccerstar3352

32. They stole an entire piece of defrosted chicken from the kitchen. Very gutsy.


Via GarageAromatic

33. It’s okay baby, you have been declared a thief for stealing that pancake. You can eat that in peace now.

Via FiredBoy

34. Parrots have their stealing game on point.

Via enough072

35. What? The berry looked so delicious and you weren’t chugging one at me.


Via Backyardt0rnados

36. The temptation to eat the last slice is high for everyone, I can’t blame this dog for stealing it.

Via pennywicky

37. Even after being caught multiple times, this cat would still enter the fridge and steal food without any regrets.

Via NedenLotus

38. When you are doing full ham on that cake and suddenly realize everyone is watching you.


Via bakertilly_cake

39. I was just trying to show you guys a new nose balancing trick that I learned.

Via mrnoname929

40. He looks so happy after stealing that peanut butter. Perhaps it was his first time and he couldn’t hold onto the excitement.

Via ellie-the-smiling-samoyed

41. Almost there…ah he has seen me.


Via Glazuur

42. That face screams “I would never do such a thing”.

Via voidabrasax

43. No, I was just smelling it to make sure it hasn’t expired.

Via serisho

44. Those paw prints make the whole investigation process very easy.


Via ChubbaWubbaBut

45. So this is where all the pasta went, right in the dog’s mouth.

Via JacksPeanu

46. This criminal cat stole a whole burger from a BBQ happening somewhere in the neighborhood.

Via Ok-Note9836

47. This person left his food unattended for two seconds and the cat was already in place to make the move on both the food and his wife.


Via sambianchetto

48. Poor guy does not look so happy after being caught stealing an egg.

Via canvas_andcopper

49. Yeah lemme just grab some of this delicious soup, no one’s going to know.

Via Tallon22

50. The cat stole a sausage and now is being paw-cuffed.

Via GulaAquarius

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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