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“Fluffy Food Thieves”: 28 Hilarious Photos Of Pets Stealing Food From Their Owner’s Plates

Our household pets have sort of made it their mission to daily surprise us. They will always be able to use those resources and their inherent mischief to surprise us by finning something out of that tiny bag they carry around as Hermione did in Harry Potter. And, believe it or not, that is the reason we have such a deep love for animals. Because of how influential a pet animal is in your life, boredom is essentially eradicated when you have one at home. And let’s not even begin to discuss what wonderful companions they are, taking care of their owners like there is no one else in the world.


Has your pet ever been caught attempting to steal food? Since you are here, it is likely that you have. As absurd as it may sound, pets do not consider things to be “theirs/yours.” Actually, the majority of animals are very opportunistic. House pets may be taught, though, that certain objects are off-limits. However, even after being informed of this, the majority of them will continue to try to steal food while it is hidden and will flee if they spot an opportunity, hiding in the process. Having stated that, I invited several Pandas to post images of their animals being apprehended at a “crime scene”

1. There’s a thief in here please

Crockpot Thief

#2 Here is A Popcorn stealer!

Caught A Popcorn Bandit!


#3 Did you know cats can come for pizzas?

Coffee Cake Stealing Pizza


#4 That innocent face you make before wanting food

Everyday Usual


#5 My Kitty Stealing Food At A Possum Convention :-O

My Kitty Stealing Food At A Possum Convention :-O


#6  I love the soda



#7 He only loves to lick the chips

Maple The Chip Licker


#8 The attempt is sadly unsuccessful by my cat

Successful Attempt By My Cat


#9 Yes, Dexter Ate It All

Yes, Dexter Ate It All


#10 You Should Definitely Block That Serving Hatch Up.

Really Should Block That Serving Hatch Up


#11 When they say karma will come for you, this is what they mean!


#12 Even senior cats in their 19s enjoy licking the spaghetti bowl!

Even 19-Year-Old Senior Kitties Love To Lick The Spaghetti Bowl!


#13 Oliver. I’ve Never Had A Cat More Interested In Human Food

Oliver. I’ve Never Had A Cat More Interested In Human Food

#14 My Cat Drinking From My “Angry Bird” Mug

My Cat Drinking From My “Angry Bird” Mug


#15 Who told you I don’t like pizza?

I Can Haz Pizza?

#16 Frequently found her snacks in the mail

Found Her Snacks In The Mail A Lot


#17 I hear someone is having Unagi? You got some Unagi for me too, please?!

Unagi? You Got Unagi?!

#18 Someone Was Dying To Have His Birthday Cake

Someone Couldn’t Wait For His Birthday Cake


#19 There’s only one milk thief in our home, like every time!!!

Milk Thief…every Time!!!

#20 Ermmmmm Paws Off Mate!

Ermmmmm Paws Off Mate!


#21 They need to get the fish in the tub, what a thieves!

Drinking With Fish On The Side

#22 Skallet my cat is Guarding The Tequila

Skallet Guarding The Tequila


#23 What’s this thing on my plate, I don’t know?

Nanny Begging Every Time Chicken Is On The Menu

#24 I got this cat red-handed today!

Caught Red Handed!

#25 It’s A Gin O’clock, Baby

It's A Gin O'clock, Baby

#26 Let me try to locate some salmon.

Let Me See If I Can Find Some Salmon


#27 Is There Some For Me?

Is There Some For Me?


#28 Bender And Me Having A Landy And The Tramp Moment Over A Donut

Bender And Me Having A Landy And The Tramp Moment Over A Donut


What do you think?