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Fresh Hissterical Cat Memes That Prove Life With Cats Is Never Ending Fun

Wake up, everyone. Now is the time. The most wonderful day of the week has been here, and we must ensure that each and every one of you make the most of it. But don’t worry, you won’t have to leave your bed. Caturday is unique in that it allows us to fully embrace the spirit of being a cat. We can stay in bed all day if we want to, eat extra snacks, and roll about in catnip until we lose our minds. We have complete freedom, just like cats. On Caturday, however, there is just one thing you must do as a cat person: laugh at a whole lot of things.

That’s why, every week, we round up the finest cat memes from the previous week – the ones that the internet couldn’t stop talking about. They’re mysterious, purrfect, and swiping through them will ensure that your Caturday gets off to a good start. Consdieting this, we have complied fresh and hysterical cat memes for you all. Scroll till the very end to have an amazing day.

1. So adorable 

Cat - My cat is an idiot but adorable <3

Listen, this is critical. We need you to be aware of this. We have a thing for kooky kitties. We just can’t help ourselves. Of course, we adore all cats, but there’s something extra special about having a super smart cat who knows precisely what to do to get you to obey it. But dumb cats… they’re unique, and as a result, they hold a particular place in our hearts.

2. This is adorable 

Handwriting - "My professor gave up trying to get his cat off his work" PDF. 11 SUE gle a likelid 241 yeu for ya R IO

We’ve been in that situation before. We believe every cat owner who has ever had their house camera on has been there. During meetings, our cats have jumped up and shoved their faces into the faces of our bosses. It was amusing and impossible to avoid. This lecturer has been assigned to us. We genuinely believe that. We would have also given up in this situation.

3. Cat owners know it’s very very important

Organism - charlie @chunkbardey sooo important to keep your cat stimulated by asking it questions like “who's my cute guy" “who's the smallest little guy" “who's my tiny little cutie pie mr man" “where's my little friend. where is my tiny little friend" 99 99 66 12:01 PM · 2022-04-17 · Twitter for iPhone 87 Retweets 1 Quote Tweet 917 Likes
Via @chunkbardey

4. But I can sing songs and make everything better for you all?

Cat - SHURE money.. so you can/imagine the kind of stress I am under Iam very smalland have no

5. All favorites in one frame

Nose - These are a few of my favorite things BAWH

6. Some serious conversations about cats

Font - What are your hours? I want a cat drop at my house by tomorrow I'm not sure I understand what you are wanting. We in home pet sitting I'm asking for a free cat Oh okay sorry, we are only a pet sitting business Do u have a cat to baby sitting No...we go to other people's homes to care for their pets while they are on vacation. I,m block u Ok

7. Yes, they absolutely are

Organism - The Cat Senate +1 @TheCatSenate I have developed a fool proof way of determining if your cat is a little baby, it's yes, yes they are 6:18 PM · 2022-03-22 · Twitter for iPhone 77 Retweets 4 Quote Tweets 971 Likes

8. They turn everthign into sunshine and rainbows

Nose - The world is a cruel and unjust place. There is no harmony in the universe. The only constant is suffering. *minutes later* OMG, a cat

9. Hahahaha, you never know

Font - james @video_jame there's no way my cat knows his actual name. i've given him 10 new nicknames today alone. i just called him my sweet bowl of cheese and he was like ya i am

10. Oh yes, THAT, I know right..

Photograph - When someone has explained something to you three times and you still don't get. So you just smile politely

11. Happens always, no?

Brown - When she says she's not really that hungry but might try a little bit of your meal.

12. I can feel this picture

Watch - Mentally I'm here... abonedreams

13. Any comments about our cool DJ?

Product - "this next one will be a slow jam dedicated to all you lovely ladies out there"

14. Instant mood change

Font - me: :( my cat: prrbbtt? me: :)

15. That satisfaction..

Cat - Me after eating an entire rack of ribs

16. Couldn’t agree more

Cat - This cat looks like it runs a whole city with an iron fist in the 1800s

17. Such a hardworker

Cat - She works hard for the money

18. That’s what she would do

Black - kai @evilkaiguy batman: *buys catwoman a drink* catwoman: *slowly pushes drink off the table*

19. i don;t have eyes but I have instincts 

Carnivore - This is Michael. Michael is completely blind. This does not prevent Michael from doing cat stuff S135 5312 PHOE

20. This was the most cutest thread

Rectangle - 31 bardstard i just heard my mum say 'you are very naughty' and then a meow and then another softer 'okay but next time there will be consequences' and then another meow and then a 'you're right probably not

21. Welll, now you know cat

Font - sara david @SaraQDavid me forcing my cat to look at the screen while we watch alien (1979): do you see how ripley is able to save jonesy from the alien because he lets her pick him up and put him in a carrier?

22. Making that innocent face after ruining everything 

Cat - This is Biscuit. We moved our couch today... something rattled INSIDE the couch, so we flipped it over...and now I know why I've had to buy so many mice in the past 3 years. She has no remorse.
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