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45 Hilarious Cats Tweets That Will Crack You Up

If you were having a bad day, you have come to the right place.

There is nothing like an adorable catto to make your day. Yes, they can be bossy, they can be evil, they can be moody, but they can also crack us up with their hilarious antics. Cats don’t even know when they are being silly, and that is the best part about it. Even though they like to act very superior, all that superiority goes down the drain when they slip or start going crazy in the middle of the night. I guess it is a part of their mood swings. But whatever the case is, you will never be bored if you have adopted a cat and stay near them. They provide you with endless entertainment that you never get tired of.


Cats are generally hilarious creatures if you really think about it. You can never understand the logic behind some of their weird antics. If you don’t have a cat, we’ll share some hilarious tweets about cats that will crack you up. Scroll down below and enjoy a laugh or two:

1. It is as if a cat is trying to make itself look nice.

Credits: ErinChack

2. RIP to the cat that died though.


Credits: wildwildwesnyle

3. The more, the merrier.


Credits: EarlsxLips

4. Nice try, catto. But you can’t fool Medusa.


Credits: saundersjoe

5. The rabbit is so unbothered.


Credits: TheDreamGhoul

6. I think you’re the witch because you have a broom and a black cat.


Credits: skeletonpup

7. Cats in denim all the way!


Credits: alyssemazakian

8. Cat face-off.


Credits: quirkyxqueer

9. The world does not bother this cat.


Credits: AwwwwCats

10. “Is the angle okay in this one?”


Credits: Sahvelkareem

11. That looks so cool!

Credits: roemcdermott

12. Am I going to hell for laughing at this poor baby?


Credits: AndyCole84

13. You know what you did, catto.

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Credits: liherbs

14. Cat pictures over girlfriend any day.


Credits: magmidd

15. This cat can manipulate you better than toxic partners!

Credits: harrytomlomsom

16. Well, you have one now.


Credits: brenaclifton

17. The cat deserves fresh, crisp water.

Credits: jennastoya

18. “I’ll take it from here.”


Credits: bedsafely

19. This reminds me of Tom’s friends in Tom and Jerry.

Credits: Elwick70

20. Well organised, I must say.


Credits: AlsBoy

21. Self-awareness is a good thing.

Credits: carson__hudson

22. At least he won’t be bored during his morning poop.


Credits: SimonNRicketts

Did any of these make you chuckle so far? No? We take that as a challenge. And so do these cats. You can’t go through silly cat posts with a straight face. It doesn’t work that way. These adorable creatures are determined to make your day, intentionally or unintentionally. Scroll down below for the rest:

23. Blep.

Credits: astroguts

24. I would be scared out of my senses if a cat just walked in like that.

Credits: etrnl_classic

25. I need to pet Charlie’s tummy.

Credits: cami2222

26. Robot cats with laser eyes.


Credits: Richard_Kadrey

27. They like to participate in family activities!


Credits: Heidiabbyana

28. Luis Vuitton who?

Credits: judith_ism

29. The cat has chosen you now.


Credits: Jay_Billi

30. I would do anything this cat says.

Credits: rieuIe

31. That is what happens when you bring in a new child.

Credits: veganmattison

32. It is yours now.


Credits: ParisZarcilla

33. Such majestic beings.

Credits: AwwwwCats

34. Optical illusion.

Credits: RobertMaguire_

35. There still are good people in the world.


Credits: mielebeep

36. When you have a lot of student debt…

Credits: Mr_DrinksOnMe

37. He can be whoever he wants.

Credits: maoexe

38. I wonder what her name is.


Credits: TheDreamGhoul

39. Well, that is one way to ask for food.

Credits: bastardrobocop

40. I think he wants kittens.

Credits: leetabix

41. It has started. They have evolved.


Credits: moonliIIies

42. Cats and their mood swings…

Credits: jillboard

43. We would love to know the story.

Credits: tdawks

44. Spot on!


Credits: anxwz

45. Let him do what he wants as long as he is happy.

Credits: elinmeat

Did you enjoy this compilation of hilarious cat tweets? Would you like to see more in the future? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


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