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50 Rescue Pet Pics Of This Month That’ll Warm Your Heart

Who’s up for some wholesome pictures of our rescued pets?

But before we get to that, we’d like to talk about the number of pets that are being adopted. While it is difficult to acquire accurate data from US Shelters and Rescue groups as there is no central reporting system in place, along with that, many states are not even expected to report the numbers. But there have been some estimates and the numbers tell us that around 6.5 million dogs and cats are brought into shelters every year. Now that is a huge number! And there must be more animals! However, it is important to note that its number is still an improvement from the 20+ million animals rescued in 1973. Things have gotten much better since the public has been more supportive and helpful towards the animal welfare organizations.


All rescued animals glow up differently when they get adopted. Scroll below to see some adorable rescued animals. I am drowning in the cuteness!

1. “We Adopted A Horse That Was Going To Be Slaughtered. This Is My 2 Year Old Braiding Her Hair And Singing To Her While She Eats”

Via RepairmanJacked

2. “Adopted Roy a week ago. I am his third owner and he had been in the shelter since last October. They warned me it might take some time for him to warm up to me”

Via hamscratch

Animals have to adjust to the new shelter they are brought into. It is difficult for animals to adjust to new surroundings. Sarah Bhimani, the Internal Communications and Content Producer at AHS, talked about how it is different for every animal on how they get used to a new environment.

“We have different strategies to help these animals be comfortable, including housing them in offices (which tend to be quieter and away from other animals), extra enrichment (toys, treats, time with staff and volunteers), and occasionally prescribing anti-anxiety medication,” she told.

3. One-eyed jack!

Via Pomegranate_Tree

4. “Hi Meet Salem! Adopted Friday The 13th! He Likes To Stick His Tongue Out At You”

Via Agile_Fuel5729

5. “This is pudding, I adopted him. He has no teeth so keeping his tongue inside is hard.”

Via Cheesyulcer

Bhimani suggests what it means having so many animals come through AHS: “some dogs or cats may catch a respiratory infection (similar to the common cold in humans) while in the shelter (commonly referred to as kennel cough in dogs and upper respiratory infection, or URI, in cats).”

Thankfully, Animal Humane Society has the necessary protocols on catering to animals with respiratory infections to ensure the safety of other animals.

6. “My partner did not want to get a cat, then a stray adopted us”

Via morgybear94

7. Misa recently got adopted!

Via tonari_no_midori

8. These love bugs are never going to let the owner leave the house.


It requires the effort and time of the new owner to help the new pet feel comfortable. Bhimani made few suggestions on what could help both the owner and the pet. She mentioned how the owner should ensure they have the required materials: the litter box, cat litter, food, and water bowls, and some toys to keep them happy.

9. Felix got adopted by a loving human being!

Via teddoboi

10 It took him two weeks after adoption to get comfortable enough to sit like this.

Via Bowling5Soup

11. Tiny creature in a box!

Via ucla5566

12. Big cat adopts a tiny kitten!

Via LizagnaG

13. She was named Vixie after The Fox and The Hound

Via hereforthe_swizzle

14. 12-year-old George has the biggest yawn!

Via ThePicard_2893

15. “Her name is Shiva and she loves to nap”

Via nikushka21b

16. “She is the first cat I have ever had and she is also the sweetest one I have ever known”

Via  Soup_God_

17. Feral Kitten with big eyes!

Via jfdirfn

18. “My new adopted Cosmo! He has black galaxy eyes”

Via jennthemermaid

19. Sweet pup!

Via js8082

20 “Adopted 14 weeks old brothers. Everyone meet pancakes and Waffles! They love to snuggle you or each other”

Via clyptric

21. “We adopted a dog a few weeks ago and the cat is finally ready to hate him up close”

Via evolvedtwig

22. Meet little Wendy!

Via NarcolepticCrafter

23. A pregnant momma!

Via BreakingThoseCankles

24. Quietest kitten ever!

Via baileykristine

25. “I adopted Otto, an 8-year-old Boston Terrier from the shelter last week. This was his face when he saw his new home for the first time”

Via StupidSexxxyFlanders

26. “In a span of two days we adopted this baby and got engaged”

Via 42069Nicebro

27. Precious munchkin!

Via bleedingreen13

28. Meet Rhett!

Via pandatitties

29. “75lbs of cuddles”

Via  MrPavlovic

30. This puppy instantly got comfortable in the arms of his new owner!

Via lorenteryl

31. Waiting for my human to feed me treats!

Via cosmic8bit

32. This little guy is happy after getting a soft flower crown!

Via bleacher13

33. The one with blue eyes!

Via Jenevastorm

34. A tiny devil!

Via GoldenGirlJSB

35. My name is Bagheera, I always look surprised

Via snowdog

36. 4lb of cuteness. Meet Binx!

Via faithunknown

37. “My son…asked me if he could get one if he paid for the adoption and monthly expenses”

Via Pandorologist

38. A marble loaf among all the soft goods in the bakery!

Via LeChatNoir04

39. Give me attention or I will come for your food!

Via ConsoleLogin

40. This is how two cats sleep when they are siblings!

Via Gammachan

41. “I adopted this little guy yesterday morning. He slept glued to my side and follows me everywhere. Even to the bathroom”

Via FrrriskyWhiskey

42. They sleep like there is no tomorrow

Via KweenLauTheDestroyer

43. It took me a minute to realize the dog’s face is upside down!

Via jvela1

44. Newly adopted a golden kitten!

Via blushieeeee

45. Let me do the laundry today, mama!

Via maskerdenrd

46. “Today we adopted a kitty rescued off the street 3 days ago”

Via Work_n_Depression

47. Bunny with one ear down! He is listening to your conversations with the other one

Via Annchen_popannchen

48. Ugh, I cannot handle how adorable she is!

Via wbobbyw

49. “Little nugget”

Via Big-Nibble

50. She is waiting to be named by her new owners!

Via yaboiyotam

The happiness of these babies after getting adopted is unmatched. Nothing can top how cheerful and rested animals look after being loved by their new parents. I hope all rescued animals get adopted!

Have you ever adopted a rescued animal? Share your story in the comments!


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