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35 German Shepherd Dog’s Stories That Are Both Hilarious and Cute

Every dog is unique and has its own set of exciting and embarrassing features. Sometimes, they make us proud with their highly appreciable acts and other times we get so embarrassed by them that we start to question everything. But, whatever the case, we love them from the bottom of our hearts and they will forever be our shining stars. Breed of a dog also plays an integral part in determining the behavioural characteristics of the dog. There are hundreds of dog breeds and every breed is distinguished by its highlighted traits. Like Chihuahuas are best known for their small heights, Greman Shepherds are popular for their working and guarding abilities and so on.


But, if we focus on German Shepherds for a bit, we notice that they have an overall great personality. They are loyal, charming and highly intelligent. On top of that, they are all-purpose working dogs. They make great friends who not only stand by you but also protect you. In case of an emergency or trouble, you can undoubtedly count on them. On the other hand, they can act like a clown and make us all laugh. They can also be very embarrassing too sometimes. To show you a clearer picture, we present you 35 hysterical stories from German Shepherd owners that will crack you up. Check them out below!

#1 The eyes, chico, they never lie.


Credist : Misty Owens Weddle

#2 “Haha, I scared them all away!”


#3 ” I like big butts and I can not lie.”


Credits: Tamara Arthur

#4 “Hello neighbor!”


#5 Good luck, human.


Credits: Jackie Cheatham

#6 “Yeah, that’s the one! That’s my hooman.”


#7 Well, that’s embarrassing.


Credits: Lisa Everett

That’s a very embarrassing act for sure. Ever wonder why your puppers do that? Well, dogs have a sharp sense of smell. They sniff to familiarize themselves to everything around them. Dog’s body and even human body posses glands named apocrine glands that are also known as the scent glands. These glands are present in a great amount in the genital areas. Therefore, dogs like to sniff butts. Both human and dog butts.

#8 “Don’t worry, hooman. I’m watching.”


#9 He’s casually observing his surroundings and eyeing things.

#10 “Stranger, I choose you!”


Credits: Gina Giacomelli

#11 Maybe, he doesn’t like Christmas trees.


#12 “It was an emergency.”

#13 “I help with whatever I can.”


#14 “Mom, meet my new friend.”


Credits: Nancy Paul

#15 Showing off his not so good boy traits.

#16 “I’m a diver!”


Credits: Christon Mittiga Gagliardi

#17 Vengeance is on his mind.

#18 This one’s a vegan.


Credits: Don Schmutz

#19 “Oops! Am I in trouble now?”


#20 “Whops! I didn’t see that one coming.”

#21 What was going on in his mind? No one knows…


#22 “Need any help Hooman?”

Credits: Cindy Borucki Faulisi

#23 “Just tasting it.”


#24 “Sheppy the mechanic at your service.”

Credits: Jennifer Shephard

#25 “Hooman, Call 911!”


Credits: Cheryl Rishko

#26 “I will drive today, Hooman”


Credits: Lela Ornela

#27 ” Another milestone achieved.”

Credits: Leo Shofield

#28 “I’m flexible.”


Credits: David Engesser

#29 “It’s time for a little fun.”


Credits: Kea Green

#30 “Free poop bags for everyone!”

Credits: Nicole Azzara

#31 “I have my own beach.”


Credits: Dar H Hargroves

#32 “Karen, where’s my burger!?”

#33 “I win?”

Credits: Kim Bailod

#34 “What the heck, Hooman! Why?”

#35 How adorable!

Credits: Anita Gosnell

Hope you enjoyed all these stories as much as we did. Sheppies can surely be embarrassing sometimes. Has your German Shepherd embarrassed you too? Share your story in the comments below.


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