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Your Cat Will Look Tiny After You See These Pictures Of Giant Maine Coon Cats

What is that?!

Is it a lion? Is it a wolf? It’s huge! Oh no. It’s just a Maine Coon. Maine Coons are one of our favourite breeds of felines. Maine Coon cats are the largest domesticated cat breeds on Earth. They are huge, and fluffy too! But don’t be afraid of their size. They are absolute sweethearts. Maine Coons are extremely playful and they have a very nice temperament. These cats have a very strong personality and they are an absolute delight to look at. You will probably never see such gorgeous and majestic cats in your life. So yes, Maine Coons can easily win any cat fashion show they participate in.


However, their looks aren’t the only thing we admire about them. Maine Coons are very strong and agile. They are also excellent hunters. What’s not to love about them? Scroll down below to see giant Maine Coon cats that’ll make your cat look tiny:

1. This is Sampson, the largest cat in NYC.

Photo credit: Jonathan Zurbel @catstradamus.

2. Occupying the whole chair!


Photo credit: temppics

3. I can picture this big catto knocking everything off the counter.


Photo credit: yolodolo

4. I think you just caught a bear cub.


Photo credit: roto

5. Someone seems grumpy.


Photo credit: Julie Celik

6. The cat is bigger than the boy!


Photo credit: milkyway_scientists

7. Beautifully captured photograph.


Photo credit: Imantas Boiko

See? I wasn’t joking when I said these cats are HUGE. Honestly, they are an entire package. They can scare away unwanted people near you with their intimidating looks, and they can also give you the warmest of cuddles. It’ll be like hugging a lifesize furry stuffed toy. They are also extremely beautiful. I guess now I know what kind of cat I want next. Scroll down below for more huge Maine Coons:

8. This cat is breathtakingly beautiful.


Photo credit: earysbitch

9. Alert and ready to hunt.


Photo credit: Olivier Bigot

10. I think this cat is bigger than me.


Photo credit: barbara_khadeeva

11. Spreading over half the table.

Photo credit: 

12. Why do I want to squish that adorable face? With love, of course.


Photo credit: ultrarunningawayfromyou

13. No human can amuse this cat.

Photo credit: Robert Sijka

14. The cat is lost in her own world.


15. This pretty kitty is only 4 months old.

Photo credit: Lilnoo

What did you think about these amazing and huge cats? Share your opinions with us in the comments below!


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