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18 Acts of Kindness That’ll Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Kindness comes with compassion and being compassionate towards animals is among the biggest acts of kindness you can think of. What’s better than seeing a stray cat that you just rescued, muffled against your foot on a cold night, feeling safe and secure. It would fill your heart with immense happiness, of course.


It’s not mandatory to keep a rescued animal at home, you could find them a safe spot from the storm or other calamities. The biggest example set of animal compassion was during the Wild Australian fires. Where people gave in almost everything they had to save the animals of the forest, from simply visiting the forest to rescue the animals with water and food to raising funds worth billions of dollars to save the dying species. Every act of mercy counted!

Rescued Animals, when treated with love and care, entrust you with all their affection. That’s not all, even the animals in the wild sense kindness, feeding a stray animal out in the streets is alike. Responding to a call of an animal in despair would give you the peace of heart you’ve been longing to find…

Here we have compiled a few acts of kindness towards animals, which will warm your heart!

1. Mowgli’s finally home

via © FL3XD / Reddit

“Meet Mowgli. We rescued this little guy today, and it’s the first time he came out from under the bed.”

2. Is it dinner time yet?

via © ShadowKnight333 / Reddit

“This is a squirrel I feed every day named Michelle. We installed a little table where we leave the almonds, and here she is, sitting at the table, arms crossed.”

3. Doggy smiles are the cutest

via © wutnow2019 / Reddit

“Picked up my new best friend from the shelter today! Meet Bosewick!”

4. The dilated pupils have a lot to say

via © Sxilla / Reddit

“We adopted this 11-year-old senior, Shay Shay, today. Her first photo matches her personality.”

5. A warm cozy 15th birthday at HOME

via © DwightDEisenhowitzer / Reddit

“After hearing old dogs stay in shelters forever, my wife and I had made up our mind. Happy 15th birthday, Rosie!”

6. The love of a dog will eventually make you a dog person

via © Fester326 / Reddit

“My wife, who’s very anti-dog decided we can keep the stray that was dropped out in the county. She’s about 12 according to the vet.”

7. That’s a warm smile!

via © Flicksterea / Reddit

“This happy duckling was rescued from the high school grounds I work on.”

8. We’re up for a game

via © thewords*** / Reddit

“I found this tiny baby in an empty an old van at my late grandfather’s house. Everyone, meet Penelope.”

9. You’ve got a family of loyal

via © RosyMimosa / Reddit

“My family and I rescued 9 puppies and their mama.”

It has been stated that being kind boosts your self-esteem and improves life expectancy. Being good to others, that too animals releases so much stress. An animal’s affection towards you is the purest form of love you can think of. Keep rollin’ to see, how did people gleam up their cold ‘n’ gloomy autumn nights…

10. Wise little man

via © Calysta-Rose / Reddit

“My sister rescued this little man yesterday.”

11. Wholesome

via © BICOBN / Reddit

“Forever thankful to the 2 families who thought this Doberman was too much to handle.”

12. Nothing could have made it happier

via © smash_lay_215 / Reddit

“My son and I have been wanting a cat for years and this one just shows up on our doorstep. It took us about a week of feeding him outside to finally get him inside this morning.”

13. Sleepyhead

via © Vociferate / Reddit

“Rescued her 2 weeks ago, and she’s finally starting to feel safe. Got them cuddles.”

14. Doggo doesn’t seem to be very happy, but he’ll eventually get along

via © queencatlady / Reddit

“We just rescued these kittens, and they curled up against our doggo.”

15. This sweet little treat was worth the hassle

via © Shutterbear / Reddit

“Drove 7 hours and one state away to pick up this little rescue pup last Sunday.”

16. I could look at this the whole day!

via © UmwhereamI / Reddit

“Rescued these 2 sisters from the cold. Needless to say, they’re home now…”

17. Say cheese, someones pretty happy to be home

via © Mariajosegirl / Reddit

“Just adopted this fella from a rescue. Reddit, meet Akashiyaki!”

18. All you need is love and a cat = Cat love

via © mothlim / Reddit

“Just picked up a pregnant stray cat, and this is the amount of trust she has in me on the first night.”

We’re up for being more compassionate and kind towards these fur balls because the contentment you receive as a reward is just unmatchable!

I recently got to rescue a turtle from the roads, cars were running over it. It wouldn’t come out of its shell for days, at first. But now, he doesn’t go back in and loves swimming in the tub with grass we had prepared for him. It’s so pleasing to see him enjoy in the water and dig the mud on rainy days.

Tell us more about animal kindness, in the comments below! If you had the chance to save an animal in despair, what happened and how did it end?


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