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10+ Goofy Cat Photos That Will Make Your Day

Funny cat photos are the answer to everything.

Whether you’re running late for work, feeling a bit down, having trouble solving a math problem, the answer is always going to be funny cat photos. Believe it or not, watching cats do what they do bestwhich is obviously being themselvesis a form of therapy not everyone talks about.

The government won’t tell you this because it expects you to pay for expensive therapy. But why spend money when you can relieve stress for free? So, scroll on below, relax and take the load off by seeing this extremely goofy cats.

‘Ah, yes! Right there.’

Source: bill_murrey/Reddit

Working from home.


Source: DayDreamer089/Reddit

“My cat when he thinks no one is home.”


Source: Ralph_the_Cat/Reddit

Cat of the year.


Source: OctopussSevenTwo/Imgur

Did you know your cat can read your facial expressions? According to Moriah Galvan and Jennifer Vonk of Oakland University in Michigan, “Cats can read human facial expressions, and they learn this ability over time.” So, they do know when we’re feeling sad, they just don’t care.

Hoodie naps.


Source: Dazeofthepheoniz/Reddit

What the bananas is this?


Source: Iwasanadventurerlikeyouonce/Imgur

He protecc, he attacc but most importantly he ask for an additional snacc!


Source: Imgur

“If I fits, I sits.”


Source: SchrodingersSlightlyUnlovedDog/Imgur

“Not only was he swinging, he was on a leash the whole time.”


Source: teamcawkes/Reddit

Mr Perfect Selfie.


Source: Imgur

“Let me in!”

Source: catsyo133/Reddit

Chonky cat trying to fit.


Source: ddedward/Imgur

There can only be one boss.

Source: Imgur

Cats are the only living creatures that can act like they own the place and still receive hugs and treats in return. Talk about serious manipulation! Cute but still manipulation. You see what I mean?

I think this cat is not working.


Source: Imgur

Oh lawd he’s growing!

Source: 00zim00/Reddit

Derp face.


Source: @melissa_scottish/Instagram

Stalking goldfish.

Source: Dostosalam/Imgur

Which one of these did you like the most? Also, feel free to add more funny cats to the collection. Comment below and share with us!


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