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50 Dumb Animals Who Got Stuck And Required Their Hoomans To Rescue Them Out

Adventure can often make an animal get into an undesirable situation.

If you have insight or information about animals, you would know that one thing, out of the countless, that they absolutely love is to explore new things, be very adventurous and take on new challenges every single day. Very inspiring, if you ask me. But as a human being, you would investigate and plan everything beforehand before getting into that said adventure. Animals tend to eyeball it. They enter a situation and then analyze it. And most of the time it is too late to retreat, as they manage to get themselves stuck up and can do nothing but wait for someone to recognize the dumb mistake that they made and hope that they won’t laugh and rescue them out. They all do get rescued because nice humans still exist, but they do have a really good laugh about it as well.


And that is what we love about these animals so much. Regrets aside, but on our part, this is a major source of entertainment. I feel bad but kinda don’t. Do you feel me? Today we’ve got a compilation of 50 animals listening to their adrenaline rush and ending up stuck in hilarious situations, eagerly waiting for human assistance.

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1. This person came home to find trash everywhere only to discover the criminal evidence chilling in the lounge after the act.

Via tommybrand

2. One annihilated baby gate, calls to non-emergency fire dispatch, lots of treats, and a huge pile of regret and shame later, the doggo was safely assisted out of the situation. Unharmed.


Via tequila_mockingbirds

3. King’s Hawaiian sweet rolls now in little pup flavor. Get yours before the stock runs out.


Via boiledanda

4. This girl was let out to play in the garden, this is what the situation was just after 2 minutes. A barking lady stuck in a chair.


Via Nolanus

5. When you want to deeply analyze the Christmas tree decoration and end up getting too close.


Via killerbunnyfamily

6. All this Golden Retriever wanted to be was the “Siccer-Man”, But those expressions are full of regrets.


Via Vtrin

7. No, that is not how you diet. This is how you go to the vet and cost your hoomans a lot of dollars. Poor thing.


Via MaxMMarin

8. This good boy somehow managed to get himself trapped in the shower. Spent all night in there by itself until the owner heard some whimpering the next morning, coming from the bathroom.


Via macthebearded

9. You really can’t make this up.T


Via ABurntPorkChop

10. Mommy stuck up toiled roll tube over her paws. Not amused at all.


Via hobbitdude13

11. Just a Shiba Inu stuck in a bush trying its super best to act like everything is under control.

Via yamamochi223

12. Go for a swim they said. It will be life-threatening they never said.


Via Actually_an_otter

13. Guys, a little help, please?

Advertisement by UDM

Via GoAskAlice

14. When the toilet roll and you are not on the same terms.


Via jesst

15. When your internal wish was to become a seal so you improvise.

Via fingercup

16. According to this owner’s investigation, their tortoise pooped and got it stuck on his foot, tried to take it off by running in circles, and found himself in this situation.


Via Pigglepoo

17. This good boy wanted a Pancho. So it chewed a hole into a towel and stuck his head into the hole and wore the thing like a champ.

Via RedIceBreaker

18. News from Pine Ridge High School: This cutie was caught in the act of stealing from a vending machine.


Via VolusiaSheriff

19. When the adrenaline rush to explore gets you in trouble.

Via wideawaketheysleep

20. This got stuck in a trashcan alerted the house owner with the loudest screams one could imagine.


Via spreiss

21. I think I got one size too big. Is there an exchange policy on this thing?


22. Channeling its inner acrobatic self? No, stuck in the curtain.



23. When a chicken thinks it’s a cat, this happens. Thankfully, the chicken is safe.

Via RunicNature

24. This doggo found his owner’s lost BBQ brush but had got it stuck in its poopoo hole.

Via ten_shunts

25. Bread in a pigeon. The real question is, is it wearing the bread or regretting the bread.


The ones that are a little too serious, I really hope all of them were rescued without any harm or injury. But the other ones that are so dumb are extremely hilarious. It’s like an everlasting source of laughter, all thanks to our very own animals.

26. What? I am as confused as you are.


Via RockGamingReal

27. This frog must be questioning every single decision that brought it into this situation.


Via integralsrulz2

28. Yes honey, we can see it. You really are stuck.

Via NotfordinnerReport

29. Into the tape we go, and the world of regret at the same time.


Via grillscout

30. This boy managed to get himself stuck underneath a shed. Well played.

Via justintylrallen

31. They had to call the animal control.

Via mysweetriot

32. I think he is enjoying himself up there. I would call it a ‘Happy Accident’


33. This kitty got its head stuck in a vase and broke the thing in panic. She is now left with a crown jewel of shame around its neck.

Via Hardin314

34. When your obsession with holes gets you in deep trouble.

Via j0be

35. Nothing new here, just a Daschund stuck in a cushion.


Via ItHirtsWhenIP

36. What is with dogs wanting to be anything but themselves? This one, for instance, wanted to be a snake.

Via sirtwixalert

37. When multitasking gets you into a multidimensional problem.

Via aktfp

38. Mistakes.



39. How often do you see someone stuck in a storm drain and be very delighted about it.

Via mag0802

40. Raccoon paging the God to help it for the 999th time.

Via ABurntPorkChop

41. Can’t even bring a present to my hooman without making a fuss.


Via SaintFrost

42. He knows it.

Via ermarie73

43. I guilt is in there somewhere.

Via ausfez

44. This one dug up a tunnel for herself in the playground and got stuck trying to get out.


Via rainbowtwist

45. Hey, can you push my reset button real quick?

Via tumb1r

46. Trash Panda stuck in a drain. Perhaps, it was examining something.


47. When it looks cool in your head but not in reality.


Via soupoder

48. Sorry birdie, but this is so hilarious.

Via SeekerQuest98

49. If there’s cardboard and a dog both in a single room, hell will break loose.

Via Ze-skywalker

50. Got told by a kitty that hammocks are real fun. Yeah, real fun.

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