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Goose Becomes Nanny Of Her Best Friend’s Adorable Puppies


Love knows no bounds.

And that is certainly true when it comes to animals. Even if they are wildly different species, nothing can hold them back from forming a lovely relationship. That is exactly what happened with this goose and the fluffiest dog you have ever seen. It seems their owner had adopted both of them, and slowly but surely they sort of warmed up to each other. And now things are so different that the goose has taken it upon herself to take care of the dog’s babies.


We have all seen different species taking on the parent role to take care of a child but this hits different since the Goose is essentially a nanny and it is just as adorable as one would think. You see, the goose was rescued when it was just a baby and no matter the size difference, the doggo quickly formed a deep bond with the goose.

Source: Youtube

They essentially grew up together.


And now they are never apart. According to the owner, they sleep, eat and even play together. Their love is so intense that sometimes it seems there isn’t even another dog in the house.

So when the dog got pregnant, the goose was ready to take up the role of a caretaker.



And as you can see, she does not hesitate in giving love to the little puppies.



People would even say that she is a sort of a nanny to the little babies.



She follows the family everywhere to make sure no puppy gets hurt and that they are always close together. For her, her friend’s children are no different than her own and that is where animals become better than humans. There is no malice in her intentions and it is truly heartwarming to see. The fluffballs are growing happy and healthy thanks to all the caretakers around them which is always nice to see.

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