9 Before And After Pictures Of Actors Who Transformed Their Bodies For Marvel Movies

There is a lot it takes for an actor to become a Marvel superhero.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a work of art. A culmination of so many movies over so many years that have kept us on the edge of our seats. At the end of every movie, we are left with a cliffhanger so interesting, that you are left with no option but to watch the next movie. The charm of the marvel movie is owed to the amazing moviemaking, the mind-blowing CGI effects, and above all, the groundbreaking and mesmerizing work done by the actors and actresses.

The key success factor is the amazing acting that feeds life into the movies. Selection of the actors hasn’t been difficult for the moviemakers because whoever jumps on, transforms themself into the person required for the role. Body transformation is key to the accurate representation of the superheroes in the movies. You don’t want to see a skinny Thor or a fat Tony Stark.

What I love is that the actors selected to play these iconic roles were far from the shape we saw them in on the big screens. They turned days into nights and vice versa to get in that shape and it was totally worth it. After all, when actors like Robert Downey Jr. get $40 million for 10-minute screen time, why wouldn’t they make the effort?

Today, we are going to take a look at before and after body transformation pictures of actors who perfected their roles in the infamous marvel movies. Scroll down below to enjoy!

1. Robert Downey Jr. when got the acceptance to work as Iron Man in 2008, mastered the Wing Chun skill and started consuming 5000 calories per day.

RDJ’s main focus in terms of his workout was on leg presses, hamstring curls, and band squats. These exercises along with many others got the actor in perfect shape to play the role of Tony Stark/Iron Man.

2. Kumail Nanjiani after he got the role of Kingo in the movie The Eternals started putting on weight and heavy workouts 5 days a week, every week till he got the right body.


Kumail took part in both conventional and contemporary techniques of training to achieve that perfect body shape we saw in the movie. These approaches included electronic muscle stimulation and the use of the Power Plate, a device that would work on each part of the body through dynamic vibrations specific to each body part.

3. Mark Ruffalo was lucky in terms of not having to do as much exercise. The actor remained Hulk’d-out in 90% of his scenes.


He just had to wear a funny mocap and have some white spots painted on his face, and the rest would be handled by the amazing CGI team.

4. Chris Hemsworth’s trainer transformed him into a beast within months to play Thor.


Hemsworth’s trainer Zocchi was also his friend so that also helped with the whole motivation part. The main focus of the training project was to bulk and then transform that into solid muscle through exercises like bear crawls and dynamic crunches.

I could never. This is too high a commitment.

My god, what do these actors go through to provide us with the best movie experience possible? Everyone often says Marvel is all about CGI. Where are you guys now? Graphic work does increase the visual appeal of the film but without the actors, and the right ones, what’s the point of a good CGI?

No wonder why Marvel Cinematic Universe is a multibillion-dollar business.

Let’s take a look at some more Marvel movie actors who worked super hard to transform their bodies to execute the roles at their best.

5. To get into the shape of Captain America, Chris Evans dedicatedly worked out for 3 whole months, 5 days a week, 2 hours per day.


Evans’ trainer Waterson focused on two different muscles group every day. The actor worked so hard in terms of training during Captain America: Civil War that his body fat got reduced to a whopping 8%. I can only dream of such a percentage.

6. Even though Chadwick Boseman was battling cancer at the time, he still gave it his all by training 4 hours a day to transform into T’Challa, The Blank Panther.


The late actor showed immense hard work to build his arms, shoulders, triceps, and chest. Before training for the movie, Chadwick had also been getting martial arts training that added to his body transformation.

7. Jeremy Renner had a heating-up routine that he would perform a few minutes before his scenes as Hawkeye to get the blood flowing through his body, and the actor also trained with Olympic archers in order to shoot those arrows like a professional.


8. Paul Rudd, to transform into Ant-Man, worked effortlessly on a 3-part circuit routine and a very strict diet.


The purpose of the routine was to refine Paul’s chest, biceps, and abs. This included 5 rounds of 3 exercises. First, 15 reps of Smith Machine Incline Press, 15 reps of EZ-Bar Curl, and 25 reps of Hanging Knee Raises.

9. Chris Pratt followed a solid diet plan and a 6-sessions-per-week program for 5 months to transform his body into that for Starlord.


Pratt’s trainer Duffy Graver made an amazing workout routine that really transformed him into a new, different, better person. Other than his regular training sessions, Pratt also worked out on his own. His personal workout included swimming, running, P90X sessions, and boxing. My guy really did put in the extra effort which shows how much he needed the role.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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