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13 Movie Characters Looks If They Copied Them Directly From The Source

Movies that are based on some previous source material improvise a lot.

People always complain about marvel or dc characters not being comic accurate. Any movie that has been picturized on a source has to take care of a lot of things. Firstly, it’s time. They cannot replicate the whole source because that way the movie would end up being 6 hours long. Next up, movies or series that are based on books like Harry Potter or Game of Thrones are often modified a little. The scenes are a bit different and fans criticize the movie makers for it. But the main reason for that is movies or series have to remain exciting for their entire duration and replicating the book details takes that element away. And after all, the directors have to put their own spin on everything, no one likes being called a copycat. Storytelling remains the top priority and moviemakers don’t mind skipping some details to keep the story immersive.


Now one more thing, probably the most important, that is criticized in the movies is that the attires or features of the characters are made look very different compared to the original source material. I too am part of this criticizing community. We only got to see comic accurate Professor X in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, about 20 years later. Movie makers have to look after the appeal because the characters will actually be seen, not imagined the way it is done in books, or animated in the comics. They have to make sure the character steals the show with its looks and hence they often modify the way characters look.

But today we are going to see how they would’ve looked at the moviemakers replicated them from the original sources. So, how the Ancient One from Doctor Strange would look like if she was comic accurate, and so on.

Let’s take a look and see if our criticism was correct or not. Whether the source accurate characters actually look good in reality or not.

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1. Daario Naharris in the TV series compared to how he was described in the books. A massive difference. The three beard prongs look like a nice touch but I am not sure about the blue and gold.

Source: © Game of Thrones / HBO© Just dance / Shutterstock

2. Our very own Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen was portrayed as a little girl in the books with short silver hair. In the TV series, though, she was shown as a 17-year-old and the looks were defined accordingly.


Source: © Game of Thrones / HBO© Depositphotos

3. The Ancient One from Doctor Strange was supposed to be an Asian, old, man. The movie took a very different approach by hiring a tall caucasian woman. Regardless, she pulled it off very well.


Source: © Doctor Strange / Marvel Studios© Sanbao / Shutterstock

4. Anna Karenina in the movies did not have the figure as described in the book. Fans admire Keira’s performance but also say there could’ve been a better cast instead of her, a more book-accurate one.


Source: © Anna Karenina / Universal Pictures

5. John Milton in The Devil’s Advocate was not given the anticipated grey hair in the movie.


Source: © Devil’s Advocate / Warner Bros.© Halfpoint / Shutterstock

6. Vronsky from Anna Karenina was criticized for looking too pretty in the movie.


Source: © Anna Karenina / Universal Pictures© LightField Studios / Shutterstock

Okay, I think we all have some doubts in our heads about our past selves. To be brutally honest here, I don’t like the source looks in most of them. Like, the ancient one looks far better than the one we have seen in the movie. And Daenerys, the book look is a big no for me. While some of them look very good too, I kind of feel like moviemakers were right all along. We, as fans, just don’t like are characters being meddled with, which is respectable. But the meddling is for our own good, I believe.

7. Dorian Gray had golden hair and blue eyes in the book. When the movie was released, he was stripped off of that gorgeous look and was given black eyes and some golden streaks in his black hair instead.


Source: © Dorian Gray / Ealing Studios

8. The biggest criticism everyone had about The Witcher movie was why didn’t they use Triss Merigold’s book accurate looks.


Source: © The Witcher / Netflix© Cookie Studio / Shutterstock

9. The Grandmaster from Thor Ragnarok looked like a blue alien with creepy eyes in the comics.


Source: © Thor: Ragnarok / Marvel Studios

10. Edward Rochester from Jane Eyre was the most book-accurate casting ever.


Source: © Jane Eyre / BBC Film© Depositphotos

11. Honestly, Harley looked far better in the movies than she did in the comics. Opinion, you may have a different one.

Source: © Suicide Squad / Warner Bros.© Depositphotos

12. Armand from Interview with the Vampire had red hair in the book compared to the black he got in the movie.


Source: © Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles / Warner Bros.© Depositphotos

13. Erik in the Phantom of the Opera had no hair in the book.

Source: © The Phantom of the Opera / Warner Bros.© Depositphotos

What do you guys think? Should the characters be source accurate or the moviemakers were right all along for modifying the character’s look because appeal matters a lot.

I hope you guys enjoyed this one. Stay tuned for more!


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