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14 Dog Posts That Prove Happiness Can Be Measured In Doggos

Dogs are our pride.

Our little heroes and our best friends. Seeing them makes us happy. Their little goofy acts make us laugh but when they fall ill, it rips our heart. We can’t sleep until we know they’re fine. From the moment they set foot in our homes, they make their way into our hearts and permanently light up our lives. They are undoubtedly the centre of our little universe. Dogs are not only our pets but they are just like our kids who we can’t stand seeing in any kind of trouble or pain. Our dogs have pure intentions for us and they love us unconditionally. There is no lie in saying that we do too.


Seeing our little pupper play with bubbles, chasing them around, wagging their little tails with curiosity in their eyes, it’s all priceless. Their zeal for life is incredible. They laugh, they smile, they make funny faces and keep our hearts happy even on the days we forget to smile. Love has no shape or face, it is in the eyes of the beholder how they choose to describe it. Seeing our dog happy to the core is one of the faces of love.

Here we have found 14 pictures of doggos that will fill your heart with joy. Scroll down at your own risk. These pictures have the tendency to make you fall in love with these puppies.

“Working at customer service is not an easy task.”

Credits: kevinowdziej 

“It’s a beautiful day and my hooman is at work. Sigh, I miss you hooman and I love you so.”


Credits: phoonv02

This little guy had a great time at the dog park. He’s high on all the fun.


Credits: St0px

Marry someone who would look at you like this pupper.


Credits: Hedgewitch31 

This is what the owner’s wife said about this overwhelming picture.

“Finally got a picture to shove in my husband’s face whenever he tries to tell me his trucking buddy doesn’t love him.”

The cutest picture on the internet today.


Credits: Hebahx 

Read this:

“I saw an adult German Shepard that was diagnosed with dwarfism today and it’s the cutest thing I’ve seen all year.”

“Hope you’re having the brightest day hooman. I love you! Woof!”


Credits: MiniLaddd 

Do you agree? We think he’s a sweetheart.

“Popular opinion: My dog looks like a cartoon.”

Looks like he’s a meteorite all the way from Krypton. He’s a super puppy.


Credits: TheToxicLogic

A big husky hug because hugs keep us alive.


Credits: autyp25 

Let’s just pause for a moment and admire this guy’s floofy tail. And that warm comforting hug is all we need after a long, exhausting day. A hug that is silent yet meaningful instantly energises us and absorbs all our tiredness, sadness or any negative feeling that we carry with us. Just look at this fellow’s face! It seems like he understands whatever it is that’s going on inside of us and he is there for us. We all need someone to count on and stand by our side through all the ups and downs of life. Someone we can call our own and looks like this man has found that someone. This is what he said in the caption of this picture.

“Made a new friend this weekend!”

This little guy has been hunting mushrooms. You can tell by the look on his face that it’s no child’s play.


Credits: imjustadudeguy 

He deserves a good treat! Good job little buddy.

A happy face of a happy pupper who found a loving home.


Credits: TeganG_ 

“Sooo… I found a puppy in a ditch on my way to work this morning. How was your day?!”

Little snowy mess.

Credits: unknown

“My dog is still learning how to sit properly.”

“Happiness doesn’t have to be chased but it’s the bubbles that require some working.”


Credits: terryykim 

“Alright everybody, say CHEESE!!” *Squad goals*

Credits: TeisTom 

His eyes are glorious!


Credits: Jane_Batman 

“This is Zeus. It’s 2 a.m. and he just spent 15 minutes barking at us because the battery in the smoke detector was low and wouldn’t stop beeping.”

If these dogs didn’t melt your heart then we don’t know what will. We are completely wonderstruck! These puppies have our hearts, what about you? Let us know in the comments below and also share this with anyone who you think needs to smile.


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