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Hilarious Stories Of Cat Owners Confusing The Vet With Their Funny Cat Names

Visiting a pet can be a struggle, convincing your pet that it is a vet day can be a wrestle but it isn’t that bad always. Once there, the funniest incidents often take place which is worth the struggle. Often it’s your own pet doing the quirkiest things and being the ultimate drama queens/kings just so it could escape the vet follow-up. Pet parents dragging their fuzzies into the doctor’s room is another sight to enjoy. That’s not it, things get even better when you hear pets having hilarious names such as a cat names Evil or Bilbo or a dog named Helmet while waiting in the waiting area.

In context to this, a Twitter user started the most interesting and light-hearted thread that had us in hysterics. The author narrates how amusing it is for her to hear pets having ‘the most humanly’ while being called into the doctor’s room. Pet parents being innocent and cute often name their pets after themselves for instance Harry Jr, Willington Snr, etc. That’s just their way of expressing their love for the pet. Well, this sure is an element of hilarity on its own. Following the trend, OP received an overwhelming response on the thread where either people had experienced something similar or they were among those who had named their furballs after themselves.

So fasten your belts tight and turn your laughing engines up because this one is going to be a rib-tickling ride!

1. When it’s Jeff family’s day at the vet

via BrittanyMeanslt

2. Here’s baby Jeff, who is not so excited for the day

via BrittanyMeanslt

3. Imagine yourself saying my boyfriend’s name is Human Dave

via Geoff_Casavant

4. Her mom might have chosen to be a cat for her second earthly life

via DizzyLilDreamer

5. You see, there’s a difference in the spelling

via schwarissa

6. Perhaps too lazy to think of another name for the kitty?

via sproudfoot

7. Every dog in the family has to be Tammy

via britneyqueers_

8. Because we had to name them Justus too of course

via melosine4

9. That’s the best one so far!

via ARevelsStocks

Once you finally decide to get a pet or already have got one, the next most exciting step is to name it. Obviously, you’d go through endless pet name lists but a pet having a human name always appears to be so charming, perhaps a guilty pleasure it is. Maybe, it’s just we ourselves want to add a fun side to the whole process, or maybe the fact that our pet is an integral part of the family. Whatsoever the case is, that is an absolutely adorable and wholesome gesture by the pet parents that shows how wholly solely they own their pet babies!

Keep scrolling to read more of the funniest pet naming stories, it’ll surely make your day better

10. Couldn’t resist the Hispanic accent

via guerrillagoth

11. May Boobs rest in peace, it sounds funny this way too

via harriekd

12. Oh it’s a girl?!

via charlooottee_

13. You called for it

via M4rt89

14. Pinkie the cat

via satiasanguine

15. He seems to be happy with his nick

via Hoovera

16. Respect in all regards, Mr. Garry it is

via illy_ilz

17. That Makes sense!

via pamz_space

It’s fun to see that people also opt to give their pets names that are non-traditional and have a story on the record to cherish. What is your pet’s name? would you choose to name your pet after you? Do let us know about your thoughts in the comments below!


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