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50 Heart Warming Pet Rescuing Stories To Make Your Day

Animal rescue stories are the best kind of stories.

Do you know what’s more heartbreaking than to know that all the legendary singers are almost dead? It’s the fact that humans abandon animals. I really cannot fathom how they muster up the energy to do such an evil thing. I mean, those animals are really there just to make our lives better, make us feel happier, kill our stresses, and make us feel confident that there is someone who is willing to give their life for our betterment. Pet animals are a literal blessing and it seems like many people have basically taken them for granted.


Animals that get kicked out have to live on those dangerous streets all by themselves with zero hope in life and shattered trust in humans. It takes a very long time to build trust so you can imagine the mental pain that comes when it is broken so ruthlessly. But thanks to the great god, where there exist these horrible people who do not honor animals the way they are supposed to be honored, there is also a massive flood of superheroes whose only purpose is to help these pets and rescue them. These people make all the efforts they can, in their power, to give these animals the life they deserve, to rebuild that broken trust, and to transform all that shyness into pure confidence. These animals are given the opportunity to kick start their lives again at their forever homes where they can do anything, be anything, for anyone without the fear of being betrayed again.

Today we are going to set the mood dim and get things emotional with these 50 pet rescue stories. Scroll down below to enjoy!

1. It hasn’t been too long since Morrissey’s adoption and he has already made himself comfortable at his new forever home.

Via zzabe

2. This foster dog was nothing but skin and bones when this family took it in. Within 2 weeks, his happy self has gained 20 pounds and looks extremely healthy.


Via raspberrysupreme

3. When they brought their newly adopted kitten home, the little one rushed under a bed and didn’t come out for hours. Patiently waiting, the owner finally won the kitten’s confidence and showed its acceptance by turning into a loaf of bread.


Via YorkerJones

4. These Snuggle Buddie were in no mood to be separated so this superhero decided to adopt the pair.


Via Yawheyy

5. About 15 years old, abandoned, has lost one eye and some teeth. But that didn’t stop it from being adopted at first sight. She’s the cuddliest, most joyous cat ever according to her owner.


Via autumnsbeing

6. Owner adopted an 18-weeks-old kitten. Turns out, it is an 18-months-old adult cat. They got deceived by that tiny size.


Via Dizzy_Journalist4486

7. Brady was rescued as a stray cat. He is going to be adopted for the very first time next week and his looks, and he is absolutely ready for it.


Via dwfishee

8. Sasha was abandoned by her previous owners. After patiently spending a whole year at the shelter, she has finally found herself a new furever home.


Via algor28

9. Foster carer ended up adopting this apparently aggressive cat. They named her Stripes Mckenzie.


Via skeletonclock

10. Honey is happy to finally be adopted and is loving life at  new home.


Via Pinkycinnamon

11. 2 days after his status changed from stray to adopted, Ceda was taken to a grocery store where he selected his new toy.

Via InLynneBo

12. This little baby was found on a highway with burned paws and in bad health. The vet said it had very little chance of survival but the person who rescued her did not give up. He took the cat home for rest and delivered it to a rescue shelter the next day. The shelter took really good care of the cat and she got instantly adopted.


Via Hoperosaliex

13. Went to adopt one cat, and returned home with two. The one they bonded with didn’t agree to leave without its buddy.

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Via JMyers666

14. The dog who had spent the most time at the shelter out of all the other animals there, finally got adopted.


Via MARLeague

15. He was terribly abused by her previous owner. Has no teeth and is also Fiv+. But that is not what a cat lover looks for. The cat has the purest heart ever and that’s all that mattered to its owner to adopt.

Via spidergweb

16. Don’t be fulled by those grumpy looks, this 16-year-old is the sweetest cat ever. She had to be brought into a shelter after her owner died. The people at the shelter made sure the senior cat spends her final days in the most elite fashion ever.


Via captain-kittypants

17. The bottom photo is of Titus who passed away after spending 12 years with his owner. The top photo is of Milo who recently got adopted. Milo sleeps exactly like Titus.

Via InfinityES

18. How to deal with a divorce 101.


Via Bzow

19. Am I really getting adopted? What does it feel like to be free, though?

Via ShelterCatPics

20. 9-year-old Molly just got adopted. Her life is about to change for the good.


Via ChippersandFriends

21. Both shelter dogs, a few months apart, got adopted by the same family.

Via RudyRusso

22. Keeps is extremely excited to finally be at its forever home.


Via WholesomeHussy

23. Meet Tortilla! She got adopted by this person’s mother and according to her, she is the most i-don’t-care-about-your-life cat ever. What else do you expect from 15-year-old seniors?

Via saucity

24. These inseparable cats caught the eye of a person ready to adopt at a shelter. He took the pair knowing there is no way one would agree to leave the other.

Via presumeotherwise

25. Can you guess why Little Screamer was given this name? He starts live concerts at 4 a.m. in the morning.

Via MisterSlevinKelevra

To all the pets, all the rescuers, and all the adopting parents, you have my respect and all of my heart. These stories are so heartwarming and emotional, and they really do make me feel so happy that all these pets are now finally where they were always supposed to be. They have received that one shock everyone receives in their life. One reality checks that sort of turns everything upon itself. These cuties are through that phase and now no one can stop them from living the best life they can, carelessly and confidently. Why? Because they earned it.

Go get those snacks refilled because we are only halfway there. Scroll down below to continue enjoying more pet rescue stories.

26. Person spotted this extremely scared dog at the shelter. They instantly knew she doesn’t deserve to be there and instantly adopted the dog.


Via dextro584

27. This owner declares adopting this cat as his best decision ever taken.


Via jayduhaus

28. Meet this owner’s first-ever 8-weeks-old adoption. You can see nothing but love in that pup’s eyes.

Via GingerBeast81

29. This person, who is extremely allergic to cats, got chosen as its owner by the cat their family adopted.


Via LostLeadership5229

30. A talented animal shelter photographer took this amazing picture of this beautiful dog. This very photograph resulted in the dog being adopted the very next week.

Via magpiephotos

31. These two images of Poochie before and after adoption tell two very different stories.

Via DeltaSteps

32. Declared as unadoptable and aggressive, these two good boys were going to be euthanized at a shelter Their superhero intervened and adopted the two. He gave them a week’s worth of training, love, and food. They are now the cutest, softest dogs ever.


Via Garbarblarb

33. Rescued from LA, brought to Oregon, Choomba got adopted within a week of being rescued.

Via gnomisaurus

34. A day before he was rescued as a stray in a very bad condition. And the next day, he was caught red pawed still his brother’s sandwich.

Via BatMom525

35. Sully had to sit through an entire 22-hour car journey to finally be united with her forever owners.


Via Emphy256

36. A happy owner with her first ever adoption. Cheddar the cat is in safe hands.

Via dsk1389

37. Look at this gorgeous Pit/Dachshund smiling wide after reaching its new home.

Via Nunez4Pres

38. This is Moon. She spent most of her life on the streets taking care of her little one, being the best mother ever. Her efforts got rewarded as the family got adopted.


Via 95caramel

39. Squeaks got so excited to be adopted, that she leaked some dance steps during the celebration.

Via Reptarro52

40. The dog thought this newly adopted kitten was a present for her.

Via Hollow_Video_

41. This beautiful dog deservedly got adopted.


Via AlrightRedditing

42. His name is Hippo. He is happy to be adopted and fully honors his name.

Via pablomcdubbin

43. These two images are only 4 months apart. The left one is from the day the little one got rescued from the streets. Look how strong the power of love is.

Via Careless_Can3303

44. Guillermo has a resemblance to Jimmy Kimmel’s Guillermo in terms of size. Don’t worry about that look, he is very happy about being adopted after a terrible experience as a stray.


Via IWnaBNkd

45. The cat standing on the floor is Void. He recently got adopted and gelled in very quickly with his sister cat. Here’s him being overly protective as his sibling takes a peaceful nap.

Via Sure-Change2851

46. This beauty was part of the thousands of beagles rescued from Envigo Breeding Facilities. A family connected with her instantly and an adoption happened right there and then. The dog is extremely happy to be where she is now and the family feels so proud to see her grow healthier and healthier by the day.

Via deeppurplescallop

47. A superhero got news about this cat being put out in the jungles for wild animals to feast on. They instantly followed up, found the cat, and adopted it.


Via MizZanaBlue2021

48. Terri is having all the good thoughts while chilling on the massive lawn at his new forever home.

Via marcosmacias

49. This newly adopted doggo had a French name and when the family took it to the clinic for a checkup, he chuckled after reading the name. Turns out, the name in English means “Thug Life”. But the family has decided to go for “Herbie”.

Via Sector7Studios

50. That one dog who had been hiding all its potential until now. He is ready to burst free after adoption and party all life long.

Via Haveyouseenmynacho

How did you guys like these wholesome and heartwarming stories? Feel free to open your heart and let it all out in the comments section down below.

Stay tuned for more animal goodness!


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