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Top 10 Most Heartwarming Doggos To Make Your Day

Some dogs are overly attached to their humans and it’s the cutest thing.

Dog owners have seen all the sides of their doggos. Whether they act crazy, angry, cute, demand attention or act overprotective. We have seen it all and today, you are going to be that lucky one to witness some of the cutest doggos. From a Great Dane throwing a hissy fit to a bird singing a song to a doggo, we have got everything for you. Today, we not only have just one or two video clips but a total of ten cutest video clips to make you smile. So, if you are ready to make your day better, scroll down. It’s that simple.

1. This dog is very protective of her pregnant owner.

Although, this doggo was never aggressive but now that his owner is pregnant, he would not allow anyone to touch her owner’s belly. We have always heard that dogs have a protective nature. Today we have witnessed it.

2. Look at this bird entertaining this doggo with her musical voice.


We have seen birds singing when they are out with other birds but this time a bird is singing to a doggo inside the house with her magical voice and we are in love.

3. Meet Dinky the Great Dane who is getting jealous and throwing a tantrum.


We can clearly see the sibling rivalry here. Dinky the Great Dane is not happy with his brother getting all the attention from daddy so he throws a hissy fit.

4. Blaze, the husky clearly says “No” to go in the kennel.


Blaze does not want to go in the kennel and wants to relax on the carpet. He can be clearly seen protesting. Human, leave him alone.

5. Husky demands attention from her human.


We all know dogs are like babies and this one is proving it. Millie wants to be treated like a baby and is following her owner around the house to get the love she has been craving.

6. This German Shepherd is playing with the baby.


Nothing is cuter than seeing a doggo developing a connection with newborns. Look at this German Shepherd playing with the baby and the way this baby is responding is adorable.

7. Watch this pug enjoying a bath


Not every dog loves to be washed but just look at this pug. Water brings out the happiest side of this pug and we are loving it.

8. Lullabies can work on doggos too.


We always say “dogs are like babies” and these doggos prove us right time and time again. Tia’s human is singing a sweet song to make her sleep and she instantly falls asleep. What a cutie!

9. Belka the Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky mix is learning how to howl.


Aww, this cute puppy is learning how to howl. Although, he has not learned yet but he is already making everyone laugh with his cuteness.

10. This husky is singing to calm down the crying baby and it’s the cutest thing you will see today.


Not everyone is good at making a crying baby calm but this doggo seems expert. He knows exactly what to do when a baby cries. As soon as the baby cries, he starts singing and the baby calms down instantly. We hope you enjoyed every video. Comment down to let us know which of these videos did you like the most.


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