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15 Of The Hilarious Cat Tweets From The Comedy Masterminds Of Twitter

Cat pictures make us the purrfect meme material we were missing.

If you are a cat lover and your obsession with cats is unmatched, how on Earth is it possible that you live without making a meme on your cat? Cats are the purrfect meme material. Your cat is casually sitting with a judgmental face or is sleeping in an awkward position and you instantly come up with a hilarious joke. Would you not share it with the world? Well, you should because we live for the cat’s wholesome content. Comedy masterminds from all over the world have gathered on Twitter and are making funny cat tweets that will definitely crack you up. So scroll down and enjoy the pun intended!


1. When she is more interested to know about her future.

Via @MatthewKBegbie

2. Perfect ear pods holder for cat lovers.


Via @figoorans

3. It’s a need.


Via @AnimalsWorld

4. Stickers used purrfectly.


Via @Izukuuu_shonen

5. It’s a cat’s world and we are living in it.



All the beautiful things happen here.

6. It’s the love language.


Via @quackity4k

7. We want to order this pack of bread.


Via @faeferns

8. Being a cat is so much better.


Via @777virgil

It is not just a tweet. It’s a mood. A mood we have all been in. We all have those days when we just look at our cats and wish we were cats. Being human feels tiring somedays. Wouldn’t it be great to be a cat? Moving here and there in the world without any stress. Making a mistake and you wouldn’t be held accountable and the unlimited love and hugs. How lucky it is to be a cat!

9. What a beautiful view!


Via @Owakita_

10. When her owner forgets to give her attention for 2 seconds.


Via @dumbricardo

11. That’s how two best friends communicate.

Via @Caledfwlch_

12. Now I know who steals my food.


Via @iHugMajima

13. Because you belong to him and only him.

Via @alyafterdark

14. When you have been holding her the whole day.


Via @ShouldHaveCat

15. She is wearing fishnet stockings.

Via @Bodegacats_

Cats are adorable creatures and are being used to create wholesome content and what can be better than that? These fluffballs are spreading positive vibes through their unintentional acts of innocence. Tell us in the comment section which one of these cat tweets made you laugh today?


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