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Twitter Claps Back At Women Who Claim Men Shouldn’t Own Cats

Would you refuse to date a man who has got a cat? In all my life I’ve heard a lot of reasons for which men get turned down but, owning a cat is certainly not one of them. How can a person refuse to go out with someone who has an adorable cat? Unless that person is allergic to cats or somehow scared of the little cuddly, wholesome creatures.


This theory, that women should avoid men who owned cats, was stupid and offensive to men who own cats and the people who loved these feline furry babies. And! What about rejecting tattooed men or surfers because it was once assumed that tattooed men were criminals and that surfers were always wasted? Shouldn’t the ability to be interested in things, no matter what, be praised rather than chastised. Not dating a certain type of man is simply succumbing to these preconceived notions, and if you do, you will miss out on some truly spectacular dateable men. You won’t be sorry if you date a cat man. Cat owners, like their cats, are never dull and are a wonderful addition to your life.

A woman on Twitter shared her thoughts and posed a question ”Would you date a guy who has a pet cat?”. And twitter clapped back at the woman pretty hard. People started to tweet that there was absolutely nothing wrong with a man having a pet cat. Some people called this woman out for holding a conservative view and some people just started admiring guys who have cats as pets.

Now, what could a cat possibly have done to the woman for her to hold such a strong and conservative opinion? That we do not know but, the people of Twitter certainly had opinions of their own. Let’s have a look:

1. A woman asking a question

Via @YvonneOrji

2. It’s truly speechless!

Via  @_Niambi

Literally! We’re astounded that someone feels this way in this era. Come on people, we should be judging others based on how well they care for their pets, not on how many pets they have. Seriously, this is such a bizarre viewpoint that we can’t believe people truly believe it.

3. Well…

Via @MWhiteKnight11

4. They are kind-hearted people! 

Via @Wr31ss

5. Couldn’t agree more. 

Via @Justsimmerin1

6. That hits hard. 

Via @ultraexquisite

This post made many people respond passionately. But, we are surprised at how these people were quick and ultimately dismissed the idea of dating a man with a cat. Like seriously? No matter if you are allergic to cats, we understand it. Or if you have another pet, such as a dog, who would not get along with the cat, we can understand that as well. But flatly refusing to date a man who owns a cat? Who would do such a thing?

7. Cat’s are adorable BTW! 

Via @ChickenThotPie

8. Poor men! Where will they go?  

Via @Shawn_Corbin

9. Hilarious! 

Via @honorableplants

10. A Cat Therapy! 


11. That could be a reason. 

Via @Ahsatar

12. No caption needed on this one.

Via @Court_The_MUA

Which reaction do you like the most? Also, we would love to hear your opinion regarding the thought that a man shouldn’t own a cat. What do you think about this statement? Let us know in the comments section below.


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