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Hilarious Instances Of Cats Visiting Their Neighbors And Setting Up Camp

Nothing compares to the feeling of waking up next to a cat.

Have you ever been lucky enough to wake up next to a cat? Well, we are not talking about your domestic cat, we are talking about your neighbor’s cat sleeping next to you. A Reddit user woke up one fine morning and noticed a catto sleeping next to him instead of his wife. What an adorable moment! He took the cat’s photo and shared it on Reddit and found out that there are many others who have found cats sleeping on their beds. Cats have this habit of sneaking out of their homes and setting camps in their neighborhood. Scroll down to read Reddit users’ hilarious incidents of finding neighbor’s cats in their homes.


1. When you wake up next to a sleeping beauty.

Via: sami73

2. Who wouldn’t like to sleep for a few more hours?


Via: anneroma

3. Give them nice ear rubs.


Via: 360inMotion

4. Whose cat was she?


Via: desertSkateRatt

5. When wifey wants to leave for work and doesn’t want you to feel alone.


Via: angrypirate1122

6. Welcome them when they come back to you.


Via: External-Assist-8441

7. When you get caught cheating on both the families.


Via: External-Assist-8441

When your cat visits you in the morning and leaves in the night, know that she is cheating on you. Yeah, that’s a serious matter and it might get you in a fight with your neighbors since we suspect she is cheating on you with your neighbors. Jokes apart, cats are really smart to have two families, two homes, two owners and a lot of food to eat. Now you know why your cat has been getting so fat?

8. She would come once in a while to give you a reminder that she still belongs to this house.


Via: Ali550n

9. Community cats are great.


Via: hellokayy1234

10. Cats can own any place.


Via: lamwaggs

11. If you ever want a cat, just leave your windows open.

Via: yuser-naim

12. Kitties are the best snuggle buddy.


Via: snoski1234

13. Cats are the best sleeping partners.

Via: unclesam2000

14. When he comes home smelling like perfume.


Via: Liapocalypse1

15. Nothing better than believing that the whole world belongs to you. Adorable!

Via: RhydYGwin

After all the arguments, fights and a lot of research, we have to this point that cats tend to believe the whole world belongs to them. This is probably why they keep changing homes. Well, we like the fact that they are free to choose their owners. If you have ever got so lucky to wake up next to a cute feline, then do share your story with us in the comments down below.


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