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Dog Owners Shared Hilarious Photos Of Their Dogs Being Complete Weirdos

Intentionally or intentionally, dogs have their ways to make us laugh like crazy.

Whether some of us are dog owners or not, we end up falling in love with dogs whenever they act goofy or derpy. These dogs have their ways of drawing everyone’s attention towards them. From making cute faces to sleeping upside down, they have been melting our hearts with their adorable actions. We are not the only ones drooling over their adorability but the subreddit “What’s wrong with your dog?” is on another level. Having over 1.2 million members on Reddit, they have been sharing weird yet hilarious photos of dogs with their community and we are already in love with each one of them. Here, we have compiled for you the top 50 photos of dogs acting hilarious and we are sure you will find them super cute. Scroll down and enjoy!


1. Meet Honey. She will either show you her ears or tongue, but not both at the same time.

via: My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

2. Can you spot the black beauty?



3. This brick is his fav pillow since childhood.

via: AlmomoNamal

4. Feeling cozy in cat’s stand.

via: Dependent_Wolverine8

5. This girl loves sleeping with her electrical outlet cover.

via: Physical_Agent1162

6. Snoozing.


via: cenabollywood

7. Living his dream life.

via: Jarv_Turkey

8. Boys gang.

via: My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

9. Caught sleeping on camera.

via: holycrimsonbatman

10. When I realize it’s Monday tomorrow.

via: e2g1xjl

11. Puppy or turtle?

via: My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

12. His favorite place is sitting in plants.

via: 1065357

13. Digging makes this boy happy.

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via: Luvlyjubblies1

14. Can your dog walk on the walls?


via: Hereofbleed423

15. Daddy, why are all these cars upside down?

via: memezzer

16. Probably finding something.


17. Whenever he wants your permission for something you wouldn’t allow.

via: AstoundiglyAverage

18. Contemplating life.


via: sleep_suit

19. His face is telling the water is cold.

via: Strangedoggo

20. Whenever he goes for a checkup.


via: CaptainCallahan

21. He is sitting there like he has all my secrets.

via: Alazteir

22. He takes so much space.


via: cyrilgoldenrock

23. Acting crazy all the time.

via: carocarrott

24. Sam is so into this TV show.

via: Road_Whorrior

25. He was spying on neighbors from the window.

via: drcokmuffin

From giving you sharp looks to spying on people, what is it that dogs can’t do? Always expect the unexpected from them. This innocent boy here probably tried to catch a cat through the window or he might be stalking our neighbors and surprised his owner with this. Look at his face like he has not done anything. Well, we would request his owner to forgive this naughty boy since he looks helpless now. Keep scrolling, fun has just begun.

26. Put my food on the table.


via: TheFearGGWP

27. If it fits, it sits.


via: Chardee____Macdennis

28. Crazy boy climbs trees.

via: bnworkman

29. He is trapped.


via: My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

30. Hooman, include me in your selfie.

via: ScumBreedsScum

31. It took me a minute to understand this.

via: fifthmeat

32. Wherever he sees grass.


via: beefcakemaximus

33. Hanging out with boys.

via: SquarishWheel

34. Boss, this is why I am submitting work late.

via: morkie_flash

35. He will blow bubbles whenever he is hungry.


via: otterlyconfuzed

36. When you take your dog out.

via: GLACI3R

37. He cleaned the kitchen before the owner came back from work. Such a good boy!

via: shakibuju

38. Looks like he is on drugs today.


via: aries0688

39. It’s cute how he is playing.

via: alexastrid

40. Baby of our house.

via: LukeRenoe

41. Babe, are we playing hide and seek?


via: 11_throwaways_later_

42. He is learning to sit.

via: Colorful_Creature

43. What a beautiful pair of teeth.

via: ChirpinFromTheBench

44. Sitting and standing at the same time.


via: wantedmaniac

45. Terrifying and adorable at the same time lol.

via: ScumBreedsScum

46. Multitasking in blood.

via: pun420

47. Give me my money back.


via: analieserae

48. I would not let you go upstairs.

via: dwooding1

49. Whenever his owner opens the fridge.

via: MeliaDanae

50. Laptop bag is his new favorite bed.


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