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21 Hilarious Tweets About Adulthood That Will Give You A Great Laugh

Reminder: Every stage of life is beautiful.

We all have to admit that when we were kids we were all so much fascinated by our adults and we all wanted to be grown-ups too, we were all daydreaming about the days when we will grow up we will do this and that. As a child, we loved the idea of growing up so much that at one point we just hated our lives as a kid. We thought all of the responsibilities are on the kids. We had to wake up early, go to school, give exams, be a good kid with manner, obey parents, we were restricted to some things at home and outside, we were underage to go on cool rides at the carnival, we were not allowed to do anything alone and so many more things. We hated those restrictions and we loved the idea of an adult living on its own. We thought just because adults have finished school they had no more responsibilities, they can wake up at whatever time, sleep whenever, go partying, go out with friends alone and just enjoy everything in life without any supervision or restrictions.


But what our foolish and childish mind does not understand is that even if an adult gets independent it does not mean they do not have responsibilities anymore. As a child, we were ordered to do things because our parents were teaching us how to lead a peacefully delightful life with a good routine. They were preparing us for the hardships of adulthood. Because an adult has to take on these responsibilities by choice and without much guidance, they are on their own. They have to make their own decisions. And trust me, that is very scary. Adulthood is not really as scary as some people portray it. It has its ups and downs but honestly, every stage of life is beautiful. Keep on scrolling down to find out how to know you are now officially an adult…

1. You make it sound like a nightmare!

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2. Makes you think about all the times you refused to eat a bruised fruit and your parents would happily get another fruit for you. Those were glory days.


Image Credit: jamespianka

3. We all can easily relate to this one.


Image Credit: britrbennett

4. Good understanding between friends is very important. Adults understand how busy they all are and do not pick fights on little things.


Image Credit: durgapolashi

5. Adults just try to get as much sleep as they can on weekends, that is how you have fun in adulthood.


Image Credit: KevinFarzad

6. That is one horrible way to describe it but we have to admit it, you are totally correct.


Image Credit: Stellacopter

7. I know right!


Image Credit: sadgirlkms

8. This is so weirdly and hilariously accurate.


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9. Oh, no…


Image Credit: ChampneyLisa

10. We all are terrified of experiencing this time in our lives, right?


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Surely, adulthood is a tough and very difficult stage of our lives. Let me break it to you, the things we once fantasized about as a kid, we hoped we will do once we are adults are most likely to never happen. Friendships will end, lifelong plans will be canceled, most of the time everything will be unplanned, our loved ones will leave us, some will not be able to pursue their dream careers and so many other things can go wrong. But what I know for sure is that despite it all, life must go on. Everyone has to face these hardships, you are not alone. Have faith and trust in yourself, you can do it. You can move past every hurdle and every obstacle life throws at you because this is the meaning of life, it will test you in every worst way possible o see how strong you are. Never give up. There is always life at the end of the tunnel. Even though all of this is very heartbreaking but it is the truth. These are the things every independent person has to face but if we keep pointing out the negativity, we will end up believing that there is no positivity left on earth. There is so much more than what meets the eye. Life is beautiful in its own way, it has its own ways to teach us all lessons. We all are on our own journeys, we all are experiencing life differently. Life can be cruel to some in childhood whereas some experience life’s cruelty in adulthood. Life is bittersweet. That is just how things are. Wise are the ones who learn to compromise, accept the situation and learn to be flexible according to the situations in their lives. There is only one way to lead a happy life, be positive and never lose hope. Keep on scrolling down to see more of these adults had to say about adulthood in these tweets…

11. Just adult things.

Image Credit:LamontSnaps

12. That is exactly when you know you are now officially an adult.


Image Credit: MommaBearJazz

13. Only meaningful things matter then.

Image Credit: JaayxoRomero

14. Adulthood is another name for overthinking.


Image Credit: AdornedByChi

15. This is 100% accurate.

Image Credit: ProjectTsundere

16. That must be so dreadful.


Image Credit: DiffordKim

17. Everything was valuable when we were kids.

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18. Oh, God…this is so horrible but true.


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19. Oh, it is so irritating.

Image Credit: Acidic_Blonde

20. We have seen our moms do this all the time.


Image Credit: Masa_KDK1

21. Those were the good times.

Image Credit: jakehadadick

This last tweet has to be the most hilarious and my favorite one about adulthood out of them all. I can totally relate to it and I believe everyone who has siblings can too. The only good thing about getting sick and going to the doctor was getting pampered by our lovely parents, getting yummy snacks on the way back home and teasing our extremely jealous siblings about it. Those golden days are incomparable to any stage of life though. What advice do you have to give to the younger generation? What were your dreams as a child that never came true, and why? We would love to hear your stories so do not forget to share them in the comments down below…


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