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30 Hilariously Weird Pictures That Don’t Make Any Sense At All

The world is full of weird things.

I am sure we have all seen things that don’t make any sense. And no I am not talking about ghosts or spirits because that is a different story altogether. I am talking about pictures that show weird things and don’t give us any explanation. Life is full of mystery and sometimes you just have to take things at face value rather than trying to understand it. Because at the end of the day, it doesn’t even make sense to the people in these particular pictures.


Now, these are not all overly dramatized pictures and some of them do make some sort of sense if you really try to find them but they are still very weird to look at. From old ladies wearing the exact same clothing to pandas that look like crocodiles, we definitely need a bit of extra explanation for these pictures. So, if you are here to find something that you can spend time theorizing on, you have come to the right place. All of these pictures come from a peculiar Instagram account called ‘Pictures of the end’ and ignoring the somewhat ominous name, they post odd pictures that don’t make any sense at first sight.

Just scroll below to take a look for yourself and enjoy.

Source: Instagram

#1 Are these real crocodiles? If so, how did someone manage to paint them? And why?

I wish I could read the language of the sign because this is just plain weird.

#2 When you only trust one barber and they are closed.


No matter how talented a person may be with scissors, I wouldn’t let anyone do this.

#3 He just wants to be seen and the white net is making it hard for him.


#4 This door is for people who want to get to the ground really fast or to the hospital.


#5 I mean, they did find a way, no matter how rough it might be.


#6 To be fair, I wouldn’t want to be alive in 2022 either.


#7 When your dog waits for you at the door.


This honestly looks like a shot from a horror movie. After all, dogs can usually sense things that humans can’t.

#8 When you want the festive spirit.


Who says cleaning can’t be festive?

#9 The cat is trying his best to listen to this person’s sins.


#10 When the kid prefers their mother.


You have to do what you gotta do to calm your kid.

#11 I think the delivery person could have squeezed it in if they tried harder.

#12 So hands aren’t allowed either.


I can understand some of these signs but others are plain weird.

#13 When your microwave isn’t working.

Advertisement by UDM

#14 This doesn’t seem like an intuitive piano to play.


#15 How does one even use the toilet and would you really want to?

#16 I mean there is a chair for a kid so there is that.


#17 Why would someone want this?

Do they want other people to be confused?

#18 I knew only aliens worked at McDonald’s.


#19 I see the rope and I think this car was very sad.

#20 Shrek is just taking a mudbath.


#21 When you don’t have a phone holder.

I wish my cat did this, he just likes to sit in front of my phone so I can’t see anything.

#22 The perfect cup for a burning Clorox drink.


I mean people have started eating tide pods so this is clearly the next step. I am sure there will be a Tik Tok challenge for the idiots.

#23 Is this a rip in the matrix?

#24 When you want to get to hell as soon as possible.

Who needs a stairway to heaven anyway?

#25 When you don’t have enough time to shovel all the snow.

This person just didn’t want to be late for work.

#26 This is the fashion trend of today.


I would not trust this with my laptop.

#27 This is for all the parents who just need a break.


#28 When you accomplish something great especially if you have stomach problems.

#29 The perfect duo.


#30 This is actually pretty genius.

#31 Sounds like a good time to me.

#32 Atleast, they are trying.


Have you seen anything weirder with your own eyes? If so, did you manage to take a picture? Why not share your story with us in the comments below? Also, don’t forget to share these pictures with your friends so they can join in the discussion as well.


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