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Hisssterical Cat Snaps That Show Cats Are Amusing

Cats are probably the funniest pets you will ever have the honour of petting. Trust me, when I say it is an honour, it is definitely a priveledge. Cats are known for not giving a crap about owners and doing whatever they want. Most of the times, they actually succeed in that department too. They are extrememly cunning and clever, and really sneaky. Their silliness is what makes you fall in love with them in the first place. However, what is important here today is that this thread will make you laugh ‘hisstericaly’ and make you want to pet each one of them.


Cats have a special talent. Their cuteness and cuddly-ness makes you over look all the bad (not that there is any). The most important thing is that they love you, just like you love them despite all their devilious tricks and their supernatural ability to turn everything into chaos as soon as they step a paw in the room. If you are underestimating their power, I am warning you, don’t! They are super smart and clever, they will keep you on your toes all the time. Although being around them is extremely full because there is never a dull moment with them.

Have a laugh!

1. That is how you show dominance!

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2. Big brother always there to support!

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3. This cat is broken…

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4. We all have our glory moments…

via catsoncatnipco / u/Saint__Bartholomew

5. This cat knows nothing about backbone…

via catsoncatnipco / u/Mlohrenz

6. I don’t think this dinner is appreciated at all…

via catsoncatnipco / u/ghostbunsforone

7. Nimitz has more trust issues than an average hooman…

via catishcom / u/Trash_Kit

8. Don’t judge Peanut! We all have weirf fetishes…

via catsoncatnipco / u/Denso95

9. When you see it…

via catsoncatnipco / u/musicallyours01

10. A mothers love is unconditional. No matter which mother.

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11. This cat is upto some ‘monkey’ business!

via catsoncatnipco / u/sangket

12. We all know someone like this…

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13. The disappointment in the eyes!

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14. The best Tv channels you will ever subscribe to!

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15. Hoomans are scary sometimes…

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16. Whether it is real or not!

via catishcom / u/ulrednailsgreensnakes

Told you, wherever the cat goes, chaos follows. It is like their shadow, happens really unintentionally but is still hilarious for everyone else around them. Cats are probably the most spontaneous species ever, you can never tell what is going on in their heads, they will completely catch you off guard and you will be left in complete astonishment. That is one of the skills they are most famous for, other than making your life miserable at times (please don’t tell them I said this).

The best part about this whole article is that none of the cats looks like they have any remorse for their silliness and quirkiness, bringing a disaster to the table. They are unapologetically hilarious and that is what makes it a whole lot better. We definitely love erratic cats who know no limits and can make you go completely crazy. That is the kind to be the most fun to be around, there is never a boring moment.

I honestly loved every picture! Let us know which one was your favourite in the comment section.


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