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Adorable Reactions Of Cats Who Experienced Snow For The First Time

Winters are loved not only by humans but also by animals! Cozy weather, getting tucked up in a blanket, sitting in front of a heater and enjoying hot chocolate! Undoubtedly, we all wait for winters and snow. Snow is surely the best part about winters. People who live in areas where it snows are really lucky! Some of us don’t get the opportunity to enjoy a snowy weather, which is really sad.


When talking about cats, we know they are really curious animals. And some of them might love snow while other cats would just run away from it whenever they get the opportunity to do so. However, the first ever time you or your pet, cat, sees snow is hands down the most memorable time and people would certainly want to keep that memory saved with them. And knowing cat owners (me being one of them, too) they have this habit of taking a lot of pictures of their cats. Hence, some very amazing hoomans decided to capture these memorable moments of their cats seeing snow for the very first time.

If you haven’t seen it yourself, we have got pictures to share with you! They made our day and we loved these pictures! We are sure you would love them as much as we did. Scroll down and enjoy!

1. This snow looks so fascinating!

This majestic cat can’t keep its eyes off the beautiful snow!

2. I woke up this morning and this white thing was everywhere!


I came. I saw. I loved!

3. Just a little bit scared. No biggie!


How do I get out though?

4. Snow? No…


Its freezing hooman, take me somewhere warm.

5. Unleash me so I can do whatever I want hooman!


6. Snow? I didn’t sign up for snow.


I don’t wanna walk on it!

7. 5 seconds later the cat realized this wasn’t a good idea.


8. This thing is everywhere!


I like it, but not that much, lets just go back inside hooman.

9. I found something in the snow!


Look hooman, I got you a new present.

10. Brrrr, cold paws! cold paws!


11. Snow makes a wonderful rolling surface for some cats.

Cats really aren’t so fond of cold weathers. They like being warm and cozy. Looking at these cats having fun in the snow is kinda strange but also really cute and hilarious. Check out more of these adorable pictures.

12. Trying to find my way back home…


Don’t you dare throw snow at me mother nature.

13. Ready for the snow!

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14.  Alright, so playing in the snowy isn’t really that bad.


Here come on, take my paw and feel the snow!

15. Building myself a snow empire!

16. Naaaah – not my kinda fun.


17. Cats first time in snow. Seems like someone is shook.

The white thing is everywhere hooman!!

18. Imma walk on the snow with my cute wittle paws.


19. I am your snow god!

This cat is a snow expert, her expressions says it all!

20. Excited? I am beyond excited to go and play in snow!!


This the best day of my life!

21. Finally this snow cat is sprouting.

22. Shake it off, shake it off


I don’t want this cold thing to ruin my pretty fur.

23. Play in snow they said, it would be fun they said.

24. Careful little kitty! Snow is slippery.

mama, where are you, why did you leave us

25. Woah, what?? This thing glows as well??

26. Praise the lord for the beautiful snow!


27. Going for a hunt.


Jk, just playing in the snow…very seriously.

28. Umm.. there’s something falling from the sky

I like it!

29. Alright, I’m down for a snowball fight.


30. I don’t know how I got here

Cats don’t like water so it was very surprising that they would enjoy snow this much! These pictures show how much cats can  love snow. Which of these images was your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below!


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