30 Mind-Blowing Pictures Of Hollywood Celebrities With Their Younger Selves That Show How Quickly Time Passes

Time flies so quickly.

And the best example I give everyone when I discuss this topic is that of Harry Potter. In the first movie, I know you all know this but they all were so young and tiny. And within that universe, in the last movie, the actors and actresses had all grown up along with their characters. That’s just so amazing. Just imagine how cool it must feel every time the cast members would reflect back. It does make you a bit emotional when you are all grown up and look at your younger self. You tend to reflect on the time you’ve spent and realize it really did fly away a bit too quickly.

Today we have created a compilation of celebrity images that are bound to make you a bit emotional and they also may make you feel old. We will be enjoying images of Hollywood stars who have worked their buts off over many decades to achieve the legendary status that they have today. But that’s not it.

Ard Gelinck is a Dutch graphic designer, and I should say an amazing one, He decided to use his brilliant skills to photoshop these Hollywood celebrities with their younger selves making the image look like the two are hanging out with each other. This compilation is years’ worth of hard work and effort by Ard.

Now I know you guys cannot wait to see these images after the image I have created in your minds (see what I did there) but you can trust me when I say the experience is totally worth the hype I just created, or even better.

Scroll down below to enjoy top Hollywood celebrities meeting their younger selves.

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1. Jennifer Aniston with her younger self.

2. Neve Campbell never aged.


3. You can tell Richard Gere has seen a lot.


4. Tiffani Thiessen and her younger self look like they are best friends.


5. Leonardo DiCaprio went from extremely cute to extremely handsome.


6. Keanu Reeves never lost that charm.


7. The legend, Matt LeBlanc with his younger self.


8. Somewhere Hermione Granger to a mature woman who publically stands for women’s rights, Emma Watson grew up.


9. The legendary Betty White.


10. Heath Ledger with his alter ego, Joker. Gone too soon.


11. The one-man show, Sylvester Stallone shaking hands with his younger self.

12. Which one of two Julia Roberts is the younger one?


13. Ralph Macchio with The Karate Kid.

14. From Dwayne Johnson the WWE legend to Dwayne Johnson the highest-paid actor in Hollywood.


15. Heart of the ocean, Kate Winslet and her younger self are hanging out together.

This really does send you back in time. You have to commend the artist for these amazing blends, you really cannot tell two separate images of the celebrity have been added to a single picture. Every actor’s and actress’ older version looks so mature. They sure did learn a lot in the profession. I respect them all.

Scroll down below for more pictures!

16. Robert Downey Jr., an absolute legend, with his younger self.


17. Sarah Michelle Gellar with her younger self.

18. Young Kevin Costner and old Kevin Costner look like father and son.


19. Mayim Bialik ages in reverse.

20. No matter how old Jim Carrey gets, he will always put a smile on your face.


21. If handsomeness had a face, it would be that of Paul Rudd.

22. No offense but Morgan Freeman was born old.


23. Eddie Murphy with his younger self.

24. Shannen Doherty kept getting sexier with age.


25. Charlie Chaplin looked so dashing back in the day.

26. The fresh prince, Will Smith, never lost his charm.


27. Carrie Fisher with her younger self.

28. I want to know what the two Alyssa Milanos are talking about.

29. The man himself, Robin Williams with his legendary old self.


30. Mr. Bruce Willis is still too young to die hard.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

Stay tuned for more.

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