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17 Pet Owners Shared Stories Of How Their Pets Became Heroes

It is true that pets play a significant role in a person’s life. They are too attached to families and happen to be no less than any member. At one point when pets have been affectionate and loving towards their owners, they have also proved their loyalty to families for ages. They are like your companions who are not just fair feather friends but are there to save you in need of an hour. People have reported various situations in which their pets, such as dogs and cats have saved us from imminent dangers by barking or meowing. How heart-warming is it that the pets were brave enough to warn their owners beforehand and save their lives?

Toda, we have gathered 17 such pet stories of random people from across the internet for all of you, whose pets proved to be real heroes by saving them from high degree risks and dangers. Scroll down till the end for some interesting stories.

1. The god knew how to wake everybody up

via: © Mary Angels / Facebook

2. There’s a special connection between you and your pets; they can sense your adversity even from a distance


via: © Jennifer Sánchez Montes / Facebook

3. This cat saved the whole house from flooding y waking the owners up early morning; she’s a champ!


via: © Romero Pérez / Facebook

4. Boxer saved chihuahua by dying from a seizure, such a bravo


via: © Xol VE / Facebook

5. This cat warned her owner beforehand of an 8-degree earthquake, can you imagine?


via: © Elizabeth BeRa / Facebook

6. Pearl the cat saved the house from fire


via: © Elena López Navarro / Facebook



via: © Eryka Rodríguez / Facebook

8. Rescue dog saved the helpless beaten man on the street by making a lead


via: © Juanu Pereyra / Facebook

These are some amazing stories. I wonder how God puts sense in animals to do such remarkable things. It is surprising and heart-warming at the same time. These people would never have imagined their pets proving to be heroes. Leaving just yet? There are more stories left so keep reading till the end.

9. Indeed, the best demonstration of love and therapy at the same time


via: © Cony Martinez / Facebook

10. Is your cat a fire alarm too?

via: © Stephy RG / Facebook

11. Dog saved nephew from a critical epilepsy by howling at night; on time taken to the hospital

via: © Emilka Marciniuk / Facebook\

12. The pitbull abandoned her fear to save her owner, that’s sheer love!


via: © Angie Fernandez Seoane / Facebook

13. Cat saving another cat’s life, how wholesome is that

14. Bravo!


via: © Johana Marquez / Facebook

15. Dog rescued fallen boy in the park by taking the owner towards him

via: © Arlyn Morales /

16. Such a heroic deed!


via: © Letty Flores /

17. Dogs can even sense bad humans

via: © Rafael Ferreira /

I am truly amazed y these exciting pet being heroes stories. Has your pet ever rescued you in a crisis situation too? If he did, share the story with us in the comment section down below. Don’t forget to share this with your family and friends. For more wholesome content, keep visiting defsued.

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