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15 Times Humans Became A Perfect Scale To Measure The Size Of Everyday Things

The concept of measurement has been around for a long time. There are a variety of measurement scales that can be used to measure various objects. A cup and spoon are used to measure the amount of milk or spices in a kitchen, while test tubes are used to measure the number of liquids in a lab, regardless of whether you are working in a kitchen or a laboratory, there are lots of measuring scales that can be found in this universe. But, what if we say that humans are now being used as a scale to measure various aspects of nature? Humans are the ultimate scale for measuring anything and everything, whether it’s a gigantic warm, a massive puppy, or the smallest house in the United Kingdom. However, the only thing that matters is the size of the human being in order to accurately imagine how big or little the things are.


Anyways, we’ve compiled a list of various images taken by strangers and uploaded on the internet in order to make us realize how huge or small things can be when we use people as a measuring scale for our observations. Moreover, the outcomes are pretty interesting and amazing, and a few of these results will blow your mind!

1. That’s a huge doggo!

Via  juktel / Reddit

“My parent’s dog who I got to see over the holidays”

2. Aw, that’s an adorable iPhone cover!

Via  z4cd / Reddit

“My new phone and my newborn for scale”

3. These street lights are bigger than what we have imagined!

Via  BlueMayhem_Uni / Reddit

“A street light and my mom”

4. A giant cheesy Pizza!

Via Discocheese69 / Reddit

“Found this old photo of me and my friends next to a giant pizza.”

5. Why not carve this pumpkin into a huge Jack-o’-lantern?

Via amanda1o12 / Reddit

“Went to a farm show and saw the biggest pumpkin in the state. For reference I’m 5’5”.”

6. What kind of room is this? Is this a room for ants, or for Alice from Alice in the wonderland?

Via BashyMcBashBash / Reddit

“Me in my kindergarten class reading room.”

7. Maybe, there’s a dark room behind these huge doors…

Via glitterlikesound / Reddit

“A door we found on a trip to London a few years ago. My husband (6’1”) for size.”

8. But, how big is this sister?

Via pleisto_cene / Reddit

“Found a really big worm and used my sister for scale.”

9. Want to see how this house looks from the inside.

Viacalmanc / Reddit

“The smallest house in Great Britain and my girlfriend in front who is only 5′ tall”

10. Didn’t know that baby octopus is this small…

Via ZackoBear / Reddit

“3 baby octopuses and a thumb for scale”

11. Imagine how many glasses of lemonades this massive lemon can make.

Via Lemonburn / Reddit

“It’s called a ponderosa lemon.”

12. Is this the place where they recorded the sound when you open the Netflix?

Vializilla82 / Reddit

“A Netflix soundstage and me for scale”

13. A comparison of a giant leaf, a banana, and a boy!

Via ComanderCupcake / Reddit

“I found a gigantic leaf at the park, and I compared it with a banana and me.”

14. A huge Dane’s paw, a girl’s hand, and a random fork!

Via  KingK*lerKvvothe / Reddit

“My girlfriend’s hand next to a Great Dane’s paw”

15. Looks like this huge horse is scared of this tiny kid!

Via TheBoomas / Reddit

“My son meeting this giant bronze horse in Michigan”

Well, this massive horse statue can be found in Meijer Gardens and is the masterpiece created by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Now after watching these images, you might wonder that yes, humans are the perfect comparison model, that can change our perspective of observation. 

Anyways, have you ever scaled or measured something around you using your body? If so, we’d love to see the measurements in the comments section below!


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