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15 Hysterical Tumblr Posts About Weird Animals And Their Funny Stories

Let’s just say the internet is a funny place.

There are many disadvantages of the internet but also many advantages as well. The entertainment it provides us is priceless, billions of people with golden humor in one place. They are always coming up with different and exciting ways to entertain us. We have to admit that comedians are the best kind of people ever, no one can be bored in their company. Whenever sad, just log into Tumblr and you will definitely find yourself something funny to laugh hysterically about. You will unknowingly get drowned in their funny posts and you will not be able to get yourself off that app.


To make things easier for you, we have gathered a bunch of extremely hilarious animal posts on Tumblr so you do not have to waste your time finding them. There is such golden content today that I am sure you will love to read. Keep on scrolling down to see the humor of the people on Tumblr.

1. Thank God…

Image Credit: chthonicillness

2. He has a point.


Image Credit: great-and-small

3. The great cat goddess reincarnated.


Image Credit: dragontatoes

4. This is the most hilarious news I have ever heard.


Image Credit: perestroika-hilton

5. That is the host!


Image Credit: unclefather

6. Well, it is a little strange, no?


Image Credit: historical-nonfiction

7. Do not do that.


Image Credit: tilthat

8. This is so cute.


Image Credit: kaity–did

I am genuinely curious to know that if these animals actually exist? I mean did you read that thoughtful cat story? I am having a hard time believing that, my cat knocks off everything in his way and sometimes purposely breaks stuff. My cat is a villain compared to that person’s cat. I still love him endlessly but I would not mind having a thoughtful cat as well. I am curious to read more about these people’s crazy animal stories. I am sure you are eager too, so keep on scrolling down…

9. I sang that too!


Image Credit: lolfactory

10. It was chaotic from the beginning.


Image Credit: parakeet

11. I will continue to pet that cat anyway.

Image Credit: epicdndmemes

12. This is so true. Duck are so chill.


Image Credit: memeufacturing

13. You are lucky your cat is so thoughtful.

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Image Credit: hijabby

14. Oh, God. This is hilarious. The professor better gives her a day off for her honesty.


Image Credit: chewedcorn

15. I can imagine that happening.

Image Credit: fullmetalfisting

Oh, my God! I had no idea these posts were going to be so hilarious. I am laughing nonstop ever since I read the first post. The last post is definitely one of my favorites, the innocence and humor are the best combinations. I can imagine that lady going out, taking her ‘cat’ on walks or to the market and telling people her cat is not friendly. I can imagine the looks she probably got when people realized the ‘cat’ is actually a raccoon. This is just too much amusing. Which post had you laughing like crazy? Have you ever had a weird encounter with an animal? Do not forget to tell us your stories in the comments down below…


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