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Differences Between Dog Breeds That Look Alike

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. We don’t really care if these dogs are purebred or not, if they are big or small, short or tall, all of them are beautiful and really special in their own way. Dogs have a lot of breeds. Sometimes it gets really confusing to differentiate between a few dog breeds as they look so much alike. The confusion is real and completely relatable.


Has it ever happened to you that you saw a dog and thought it belonged to a certain breed but it turned out that you were completely wrong? There are almost 200 dog breeds so it’s really fine if you confuse some of them! It’s really easy to confuse them because they have similar sizes, markings and even matching furs. These twin dogs can also confuse some canine experts. So don’t be hard on yourself! You always have a chance to learn.

And here today, we are giving you an opportunity to learn. We have made a really cute list of dogs for you that look very much alike. And if you see them you would consider them as siblings. But well , we will tell you some of the important points that will help you! Notice the little details that makes them different. In this article you will learn some surprising things! This is one informative article, and I am sure you would love reading it! Scroll down and enjoy.

1. Lhasa Apso & Shih Tzu

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No wonder people confuse them, I mean look at them! They look identical! These both long haired beautiful doggos have a lot in common, they even have a shared bloodline. Both are from Asia. Also, Lhasa here, is a parent to Shih Tzus. Lhasa’s being the parent are bigger in size than the shih tzus. Lhasa’s height is between 10-11 inches and weighs 12 to 18 pounds. Shih Tzus are on a smaller side and weigh around 9 to 16 pounds. Their height is around  9-10.5 inches. But well, we see how adorable they are! I am sure anyone would love to have these breeds in their homes. Considering the amount of fluff, they might shed a lot as well.

2. Collie & Scottish Shepherd Sheltie

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First things first, we can all agree on how beautiful they both are, right? They do differ in sizes. Shelties are much smaller than collies. Also muzzles of collies are longer. But the sad news is, they both are prone towards genetic conditions, and issues related to eyes and seizures. Both will make really amazing pets and companions, though. Your family would love them! Both of these are really furry as well and they both love socializing and meeting new people. Shelties are more out going and less shy as compared to Collies. But not going to lie, they both are really sweet and would make you very happy!

3. Saint Bernard & Moscow Watchdog

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Looks aren’t the only thing that is common between the two, they both also share the same ancestors! Bernards originate from Switzerland whereas Moscows originate from Russia. The heights of these two dogs are similar, the difference lies in their weights. Bernard’s weigh around 20kgs more than Moscow watchdogs. Moscow watchdogs are not used for search and rescue purposes whereas Bernards are. Also Bernards might also require more maintenance with their fluffy fur.

4. Cane Corso & Boxer

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Cane Corso usually have cropped ears. It is what differentiates them from Boxers. But in case they are not cropped, it will be a lot more confusing to differentiate between the two. Other difference that we see in these dogs is their sizes. Cane Corso’s are bigger in size than the Boxers. Being bigger, Corso’s also are a lot more heavier than boxer, they weigh from from 88 to 111 pounds, whereas boxers weigh up to 71 pounds. Both are equally stunning and charming!

5. Alaskan Malamute & Husky

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The difference between these two lies in their physical appearance. The size of Malamute is bigger than that of Huskies. Malamute weighs around 75-100 pounds, and they are almost 23-25 inches tall. Huskies are shorter as well as lighter, they weigh around 60-70 pounds and they are 20-23 inches tall. But boy! Aren’t they two really charming and magnificent dog breeds? Malamutes in comparison to Huskies, tend to have blue eyes. The tail of a husky usually hangs down whereas Malamutes tails usually waves up. The facial structure of Malamute is larger and rounder. But, you can’t decide which one is prettier. They both even have really striking personalities.

6. Vizsla & Rhodesian Ridgeback

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These doggos with red tinted coats and muscular bodies are a definition of beauty! Both of these breeds are used for hunting. They both originate from different places, the Rhodesian originates from Africa whereas Vizsla originates from Hungary. The thing that differentiates these both dogs is that the ridge of the hair (Rhodesian Ridgeback) runs in the opposite direction. They even stand in the same way, right? Just look at them! They really are splendid breeds!

7. Golden Retriever & Labrador Retriever

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Obedient, friendly and sociable are the characteristics that are present in both of the above mentioned breeds! Canine experts say that Retrievers have a more sensitive nature than the Labs! Sensitivity brings more responsibility along. So many similarities lie between the personalities of these 2 dogs. The differences are mostly physical differences. Retrievers are more fluffy and have a lot more fur and big tails. Labs on the other hand are short and have a muscular body. The friendly nature enables them to be really nice family pets.

We can’t deny that dogs are created equally amazing and awesome. And no matter what, we would never stop loving them! Because they deserve endless love from us. They devote their lives to us, least we can do is love them, right? Are you liking these breeds? Did you get to learn something new? Well, don’t stop now! We have a lot more for you! Scroll down and see!

8. Akita Inu & Shiba Inu

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The most common/apparent difference between these two is their size. Akitas grow into a very fine and large doggo when compared to Shiba Inu. Shiba Inus are small and their weigh up to 23 pounds. Whereas Akita weighs between 70-130 pounds! The other difference is between drooling. Akita’s tend to drool but Shiba’s don’t. We are currently drooling over their impressive personalities!

9. Puli & Komondor

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Woahh!! Look at these two. They will surely stand out in any crowd. Their heavy fur makes them really high maintenance. I don’t think I’d ever be able to differentiate between these two. They are so much alike! But well, there are slight differences in these two; Puli is usually way lighter and smaller as compared to Komondor. Komondor is approximately 27 inches tall and it weighs around 100 pounds (thats heavy!) whereas Puli is around 17 inches tall and weighs 35 pounds.  If I had one of these, I would just keep brushing their fur.

10. Beagle & American Foxhound

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Easy going, loving, sweet tempered and caring are some of the characteristics that both of these adorable babies share! They both also make really amazing pets! The major difference between these two breed lies in their size. Beagles are a lot more shorter and also weigh less. Beagles weigh around 35 pounds and American Foxhound weighs almost around 65 pounds! That is lot of difference! But well, they both are equally charming!

11. Whippet & Italian Greyhound

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There are high chances that they both share similar ancestors, because just look at them! Don’t you think they both look identical? Minus the colors. They both have slender bodies, are lean and have pointy heads. It is still unclear if Italian Greyhounds were used as hunting dogs or as family pets. They originated in middle ages though. Whippets have a very specified function, they are used purely for hunting in the fields. In the 18th century they were known as “poor man’s greyhound”. As much as they look similar, they both have different sizes. They both are adorable and really loving! Whippet are a little taller than the Greyhounds, they are almost 18 to 22 inches tall and Greyhounds are only 13 to 15 inches tall. Loving their pointy noses!

12. French Bulldog & Boston Terrier

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The main difference lies in their body structure and legs. Boston Terriers have longer legs, and they also have tuxedo-style markings. Whereas Bulldogs have a more muscular structure and a much bigger bone structure than Boston Terriers. The facial structure also has some differences, Bulldogs have a more square shaped head, and their ears are erect similar to bats ears. Terriers have pointed ears and their faces are more round. Their faces are so cute, and we all definitely love the wrinkles!

13. Belgian Malinois & German Shepherd Dog

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When we talk about the similarities between these two dogs, the list is very long! Not only the size but also colors of the fur are very similar. They both are used for similar purposes which is in police and as military dogs. Belgian Malinois originates from Belgium (as the name suggests). And is used as a herding dog. Their use in service work is very recent, whereas the use of German Shepherds as utility dogs goes way back! Talking about the differences in their looks, Belgian Malinois are lighter, have smaller hair, their bodies are more slender as compared to German Shepherds. Both of them are truly amazing breeds and make really great pets!

14. Bernese Mountain Dog & Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

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Okay, so, both these breeds are more similar than different. They both even have tri-color furs. The main difference is in their weights. Greater Swiss weighs (almost 140 pounds) considerably more than Bernese Mountain dog (115 pounds). Greater swiss males are more muscular and the Bernese Mountain dogs are more towards the fluffy side. Bernese Mountain dog shed a lot more hair than the German Swiss. When it comes to loyalty and compassion, they both are quite similar! Who wouldn’t want this beauty in their homes? Can’t stop admiring their beauty.

15. Chihuahua & Russian Toy Terrier

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Well, these both are equally adorable, no? And they do look very similar. But, they also have some differences that help us differentiate between the two. They both are of different countries of origin, Chihuahua’s originate from Mexico, and Russian Toy dog, well from Russia (pretty self explanatory). They also have different facial structures, Chihuahua’s face is more round whereas Russian toy dog’s face is more longer. Russian Toy dog also has a leaner body as compared to Chihuahua’s. But sizes and weight of both these doggos are similar. These babies are so smoll, I would just keep them in my lap 24/7!

All these breeds look so much alike, but they also have many differences. I hope the differences that we mentioned will help you in differentiating between these almost look alike breeds. Was this article helpful? Did you learn something new from it? What are your thoughts and opinions about these dog breed? Let us know in the comments section below! We would love to hear from you.


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