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Artist Draws Amazing Illustrations By Fusing Plants And Skulls

We’re deeply knitted into nature, in a way that it tends to reveal itself from within us. Saying, nature is us and we are nature, won’t be wrong. It’s where we come from and it heals us. It embraces our broken selves once we go into the ground to rest for eternity.


An artist perfectly depicted how deeply are we rooted in nature through his art. Different aspects and turns of a human’s existence, as well as life, have been excellently illustrated. How nature conceals our darkness through the colors it exhibits. Nature gives birth to the future, taking in the deeply wounded ones of us.

“How do we reconnect with nature? We do it by falling in love with what gives us life” — Niria Alicia Gracia, Xicana human rights advocate, leader, and innovator

1. Guns and Roses

Humanity has come across healing and destruction, both. Here’s an illustration that shows what stays within is healing and goodness, cruelty has an end eventually. Here’s how kindness gives life to new buddings…

2. Returning to where it all began


This is where we came from, isn’t death just another name for no life? Where were we before we were born? We were dead… Every journey meets an end at some point, here’s us meeting our end, returning to nature while these new saplings get to live the rest of our lives.

3. Foggy thoughts? No, froggy thoughts


This is how it would look like if our blurred thoughts were given life, they might turn into frogs who go on searching for their destiny,  puzzled and lost.

4. Done and drained


Returning to mother nature exhausted while it takes you in with open arms and the healing starts

5. Bewilderment


Perplexed thoughts pave your way to think far beyond your capacity. Exploding thoughts are where you end up.

6. Conceal don’t feel


To feel is necessary to someone who is alive from inside… Hiding and concealing feelings, thoughts, and emotions isn’t always so easy

7. Till death do us apart


An extraordinary illustration of ’till death do us apart. Emotional dependency is something real, helps you grow. It furthermore lets you flourish to outshine the warmth of your heart

8. Holding on


Holding on without much hope on hand drowns you in the sea of moments, just hold on…

9. Two faced


Why has outrage always been considered as being the true face? Kindness too can be the real trait standing out just make sure to farsight the goodness in someone…

10. Fragile


Too fragile to hold on to something, here’s how nature holds you together while you’re on the verge of falling apart

The title of this art is ‘Plants and skulls’. Looking deeper into the illustration both are the basic components of life. These meaningful beautiful depictions show how two sources of life entangle to bring new existence into being. Do let us know, how you perceive this art or what comes to your mind the first time you look at these illustrations through your comments.


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